A complete set of modules to support the foundation of your school academics, right from managing exams, school reporting through to timetable management. Giving your staff the right tools to efficiently do their job.


At the core of a successfully run school is the administrative tasks to support, our suite of modules includes everything from school admissions, HR and census right through to data protection. Allowing your administration office to take complete control over your schools’ operations.


Admissions has everything you need to manage the entry of applicants to your school simply and effectively – with a huge range of tools and portals giving you complete control over all aspects of the admissions process.


At the heart of any great school is the successful implementation of the right communication channels to inform students, parents and teachers. We offer several modules, Portals and Apps to support your schools’ communication goals. Giving your entire school community the right information at the right time.


Every schools’ finance team requires comprehensive systems to support the practice of effectively managing money and budgets to support the schools’ long-term financial strategy. Our modules and iFinance solution support these important financial tasks giving your finance team the best tools to align with the school’s strategic plan.


Pastoral care is integrated throughout the organisation of a school, our modules support schools to meet the wellbeing needs of students from activities, disciplines to reward and conduct.


Your MIS should allow your IT staff to gain complete control over your entire system. Our modules offer a wide range of tools for integration with third-party systems, data audit capabilities, permissions and security settings and more. Allowing your IT department to manage the system to suit your school requirements.