The perfect way to control all the information you need for the agencies you use to bring in pupils from overseas

The module also lets you store all information on charges for agents and applicants too, and produces reports to list both active and inactive agents, with the ability to cross-reference them with applying students, current pupils and former students.

It allows you to store an unlimited number of agencies and link the data to applicants, current students and alumni, and contains simple search forms to locate agents by name or branch.

Powerful search and reporting capabilities

You can also search for, and store, contact details and addresses, log agency visits to the school and record visit notes.

Report on active and inactive agents, list of students related to the agent and a pupil payment report.

Features overview

Agency Visits

Log agency visits to the school as well as record detailed visit notes.

Inbuilt Reports

Provides a series of reports to list active and inactive agents, agents by applicants, current students and alumni.

Powerful Search Tools

Provides a simple search form to locate agents by agency name or branches.

Unlimited Agencies

Store an unlimited amount of agencies within the module and link to applicants, current students and alumni.

You can’t run a school without an MIS and without iSAMS we’d have had to go with a system that wasn’t web-based and didn’t offer us all of the features we were looking for that our staff enjoy today. Overall, iSAMS saves us a lot of time by making communication a lot easier and important information more widely available to the people who need it.

Strathallan School, United Kingdom