Giving your school bespoke management of all your key academic information and more.

Supporting your staff members with the right tools to review the performance of students, subjects, attendance and so much more, highlighting areas of improvement. Find out why over 1,500 schools trust to help empower their students to achieve better outcomes.

Organise Your Teaching Staff
Managing Exams
Bespoke Timetables
Student Tracking
Custom Reporting

Organising Teaching Staff

Your teaching staff are the core of your school community, so making sure they have everything they need to complete their various daily tasks is essential. Safely storing data that syncs across your MIS system, Teaching Manager is designed so you can guide and keep track of your teachers and the subjects, students and classes they teach. This includes tools to help you create sets and synchronise timetables across the school.

Plus, our Cover Manager gives you complete control over all staff availability, so you can swiftly identify any absences and arrange cover as quickly as possible. Synching automatically with your school timetable, you can add permanent and supply teachers to the booking calendar and record absences. This ensures all key staff members are notified, with the option to publish important updates directly to teachers’ mobiles via the iTeacher App.

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Manage Examinations

Exams are an essential part of the academic cycles your school runs; internal exams are fundamental for tracking student progress, whilst external exams are compulsory for students to gain the qualifications they need. Both, however, can be a logistical nightmare to organise.

Our External Exams Manager and Internal Exams Manager modules were developed specifically to support you with every aspect of administering exams, from student entry right through to sharing their results.

Using simple data entry forms, you can submit predicted grades, coursework marks and input exam details to share with individual candidates. You can also product seating plans and results files, which can be viewed and edited before publication as needed.

As the modules are fully synchronised with the rest of the iSAMS system, all key exam information and results can be published directly to our Parent and Student Portals so students and parents can access them whenever they need to.

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Track and share student progress

Our Tracking Manager module is designed to help you monitor every aspect of student progress, to help you make sure each individual student fulfils their academic potential. Pulling data from multiple modules across the iSAMS system, this module automatically collates this to provide meaningful insights into student performance.

You can then create bespoke reports and, using a variety of unique customisation options, produce visual representations (from pie charts to bar graphs and more) of the key information that would be most valuable to your school.

These can then be exported into Excel so you can easily share them with the Senior Leadership Team and other relevant members of the school community. This includes parents and students, where appropriate, so they can also monitor their individual progress through our dedicated Portals and Apps.

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Build Bespoke Timetables

At the very heart of school life, your timetables are used every day by every member of your school community – but we also know how time-consuming they can be to organise at the beginning of each academic cycle and how adaptable they need to be as inevitable changes are needed throughout the school year.

That is why we developed our Timetable Manager, as the ideal tool for scheduling and organising your school’s timetables. Now you can easily create an unlimited number of timetables, each of which are customised to your school’s specifications and style. Then you can add staff meetings, year schedules and teacher availability, all whilst highlighting any potential clashes or other issues.

Not only this, put you can also upload timetables from numerous other programmes, including Nova-T 4 and 6, TimeTabler, GP-Untis, ASC Timetable, and Excel. You can also export timetables in PDF, HTML and Excel formats, to easily share them with every member of the school community.

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Create Custom Reports

Your academic cycle often culminates in the series of reports you produce, which you then share with relevant staff members, your students and their parents. Supporting you with every one of your academic reporting requirements, our flexible School Reporting module is the perfect way to compile interim, end-of-term and annual reports which are tailored to your school’s individual needs and processes.

As an added bonus, there are no restrictions on grades, test score or comments, and these can be pulled through directly from Mark Books and other areas of iSAMS to populate your reporting templates. Moreover, multiple staff members can write reports for an individual student in the same subject. These can then be published in bulk to the relevant Student and Parent Portals.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve made it even easier for teachers to write their reports on the move via their mobile devices, using our handy and intuitive iReport App.

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Provide Self-service HR

A comprehensive, scalable and integrated solution that strips away repetitive admin and helps HR staff and teachers alike to focus on what really matters.

The iSAMS HR & Payroll solutions are designed to automate time-consuming, manual, and repetitive administrative tasks and provide the HR and Payroll departments with enhanced insights, including a fully branded, customisable, self-service dashboard for employees.


The staff there were so frustrated with their existing MIS and changing an MIS is a big decision but there is no point in continually fixing an old system that doesn’t work. iSAMS is one brilliant, massive improvement that was long overdue. The ability to see everything in one place is fantastic. I love iSAMS. iSAMS is totally essential in any school. 

Tudor Hall School, United Kingdom

A real win that has emerged from our use of iSAMS is that our teaching staff and Management Team no longer see data as something that only Admin deals with. They know it’s in their hands and they can easily input or output whatever is needed. This has had a big impact helping them complete their day to day tasks more easily, be it Parent Meetings, Attendance or Behaviour Records, Report Writing and/or Pupil Safety.

Aloha College, Marbella

iSAMS has been so useful across all 9 of our schools and we’ve just been very impressed with iSAMS’ ability to support us with everything from the academic side of school life to student and staff management; and even their technical support is really good.

Braeburn Schools, Kenya

The impact iSAMS has had on our school has been huge. We are now able to make more data-informed decisions and we can get the right data to the right people, at the right time. We have developed much cleaner communication protocols for our growing school and we are increasing our ability to communicate with the wider community – all through iSAMS. Overall, we love it!

Le Régent International School, Switzerland