A secure, configurable and centralised data management system for your entire school community.

Enabling school governers, staff members, parents, and students to access all the school information they need in a single place, wherever they are in the world. Find out why over 1,500 schools trust our system to manage and protect their core data, and support their staff members and students.

Complete Censuses
Protect Your Data
Managing attendance
Staff and Student Data Security

See the whole picture with Central

Driven by Power BI, Central is an intuitive solution to help schools reclaim their data story. Effortlessly integrate Central with your iSAMS MIS or any external MIS to harness your data and drive improved school outcomes. With iSAMS Central reporting, your school can benefit from a centralised platform designed specifically for generating reports and extracting essential information from various modules within the iSAMS.

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Run Your School Smoothly

Keeping on top of all your classes, academic infrastructure, boarding houses, year groups and wellbeing network can be hugely challenging – but our School Manager streamlines the management of every aspect of your school, reducing your workload and helping things run more smoothly.

This simple module stores your school setup and customisation details, so you can use your own terminology for students, teachers, forms, houses and year groups. It also holds all your school’s key groupings, including within each group the name, code and staff members for entire academic years.

You can then use our inbuilt reporting tools to form lists for any grouping in any field, displaying these reports on screen, printing them for use in meetings or exporting them in Excel and PDF formats to share with other relevant staff members. Furthermore, the module simplifies the rollover to the next school year by updating school leavers, moving students up a year group and adding your new student intake.

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Manage Staff and Student Data

With a growing number of students and therefore even more data to gather, you should have a tool that is going to support you in storing, managing and retrieving the vital staff and student information you need.

Our Student Manager is an easily customisable module with a variety of features to help you manage your students simply and effectively – from identification documents and medical records to their family tree and contact details. In addition to securely storing this information, it is also easy to retrieve when needed, with a powerful search form to find students by key fields and inbuilt comprehensive audit capabilities.

Meanwhile, our HR and compliance solution does the same for your members of staff. iSAMS HR software contains a wealth of enterprise-level functionality including communication tools, a self-service dashboard, real-time insights and analytics as well as powerful reports and data compliance and storage.

Student Manager HR Software

Capture Consent Under GDPR

Following the introduction of the data protection legislation in 2018, protecting your school’s important data is no longer advisable but essential. Our Data Protection module can help you by accurately capturing consent in compliance with GDPR, from the moment applicants first submit an enquiry to your school. These consents can then be viewed and managed by students and their parents directly, via the Student and Parent Portals.

Not only this, but our advanced Consent Management feature gives you the ability to maintain a comprehensive record of all DSARs – from the instant a request is made right through to its completion. In doing so, you can be sure that the personal information your school processes and stores will remain protected, whilst easily be retrieved whenever necessary.

Data Protection Portals

Monitor Student Attendance

It is vital to make sure that students are present for as much of their education as possible, and our Registration Manager is dedicated to supporting you with this. Containing everything you need to mark students as present or absent, you can even store information regarding lateness, reasons for absence and attendance outside of traditional registration times – all of which will help you in your future reporting and tracking of student progress.

It is also a heavily customisable module, so you can design a layout and set constraints that are most useful for your school. This extends into the reporting functionality, with various screen styles available for you to choose from to help display attendance information for individual and/or groups of students.

Plus, our iTeacher App means it is easier than ever for teachers to take the register wherever they are, whether it is on the sports field or during a school trip.

Registration Apps

Complete the School Census

Completing governmental censuses from the DFE and ISC, as well as industry surveys, is a routine part of school life. But that doesn’t mean it takes you any less time to pull together all the information you need – from details on current and former teaching staff, to SEN studies and analysis of student groups.

Featuring a series of easy-to-use inbuilt reports, our Census Manager allows you to complete British parent surveys for HMF, provide information on the destination of school leavers and fill out key reports for ISI inspections. This is all in addition to other handy reports for internal use, surrounding admissions data, curriculum details, staff information and communication trails.


iSAMS being cloud-based is a big bonus, so we can log into it wherever and whenever we need to. Being able to use iSAMS remotely is still something many of our staff members often take advantage of.

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