Our comprehensive API allows for third-parties to seamlessly integrate with iSAMS

Allow third-party vendors to connect directly to the iSAMS API. Allowing your school to bring all dispersed systems into a single controlled database.

Single sign-on (SSO) including social login
Comprehensive set of industry standard API technology
Connect with over 80 third-party integration partners
Bring dispersed systems into a single controlled databas
Developer portal to enhance your development experience

Integrate with iSAMS

Our comprehensive APIs allow for third parties to integrate with iSAMS seamlessly. We utilise industry-standard API technology, enabling third parties to take full advantage of well-known protocols so that developers are not required to install additional software. This facilitates synchronising your data across platforms, including everything from admissions, and course enrolments to examinations. Many of our schools have successfully integrated iSAMS with several leading software providers. We offer a dedicated Developer Portal to schools and third parties, which includes comprehensive support documentation to enhance your software development experience.

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Comprehensive APIs

We offer a REST API and a Batch API. The iSAMS REST API is designed so that third-party providers and school developers can access data in real-time to perform data reads and writes, to easily integrate into the iSAMS system utilizing the same business logic that the iSAMS system does. It can be used to extend the iSAMS functionality or integrate another solution into iSAMS. The Batch API is for schools and third-party software providers to extract data from the iSAMS system in a standardised format, without having to query the database directly. It is designed for batch data access and can be used to synchronise data across platforms.

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Connect with iSAMS Integration Partners

The iSAMS Marketplace builds on the power of your iSAMS modules by allowing integration with all sorts of third-party apps and systems. From curriculum management to facilities maintenance, school security to sports and social, the Marketplace provides your school with the tools to integrate disparate systems and streamline processes. Visit Marketplace to find a list of over 80 integration partners.

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Supported LMS and VLE Integrations

The iSAMS system offers seamless integration with a wide range of VLE and LMS partners, allowing for a smooth transition between applications.

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In-House School Development

It’s not just integrator clients who get in touch with us to learn about our APIs and how to create seamless integration with other systems; we’ve found that schools are developing their own apps and software to plug into iSAMS MIS. They too can list their software on the iSAMS Marketplace to generate revenue and share their developments with the wider world of education. Get in touch with us to find out about joining the iSAMS Marketplace as a school.

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SSO Functionality with Social Login

iSAMS is 100% web-based and offers users a single sign-on to enjoy a seamless experience across multiple domains. This functionality allows for improved authentication and security of user credentials plus it will save your IT administrators time and resources by utilising a centralised web access management service.

Users also can use existing login information available from multiple login providers such as social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. Helping to simplify the login process.

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Developer Portal

We offer developers a dedicated Developer Portal to gain access to comprehensive development toolkit and literature. The Developer Portal is the primary platform where developers can find information on how to use and integrate our APIs.

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