Our story

  1. iSAMS launches commercially

    We launched the first version of iSAMS – the very first web-based MIS on the market anywhere. It featured the core curriculum and timetable management modules, plus assessments and reporting, as well as the admissions feature.

    Our first two partner schools, so instrumental in our fledgling system’s development, were Rugby and Warwick.

  2. Linking in parents and students

    We finished developing iSAMS’ HR module, designed to help schools track and manage all of their staff.

    We also launched our Parent and Student Portals. These features made us the first MIS provider to publish school-related information directly to parents and students over the Internet.

  3. Cloud hosting launched

    Impressed by the software and the testimonials of our early adopters, more and more well-known schools migrated to iSAMS from other school management systems.

    We finished developing and launched our cloud hosting service, which meant that as well as being free to host iSAMS on their own on-site servers, schools could choose a hassle-free cloud server option.

  4. Good conduct attracts more schools

    We welcomed our first prep school to the iSAMS family, attracted by the flexible features available. We added more modules too. Reward and Conduct was designed as a flexible pastoral care module to suit each school’s own internal systems and store every positive and negative event.

    We also released Tracking Manager, enabling teachers to track and analyse the performance of classes or individual students.

  5. iSAMS goes international

    iSAMS hit the global market, with installations in our first international schools, in Singapore and Qatar.

    We also released the Cover Manager module, recognising schools’ need for a reliable way to cover for absent teachers.

  6. iSAMS turned five years old

    We barely registered our five-year anniversary among all the new school database installations, but we did launch a new module combining old technology with new.

    SMS Gateway allows schools to send SMS text messages straight from iSAMS. The feature transforms broadcast and emergency parent communications.

  7. iSAMS registers its first mobile apps

    In our sixth year, we guided our 100th client, Cheadle Hulme School, through its migration to iSAMS.

    iSAMS mobile was launched, making it the first MIS with an iOS app for taking registers and accessing core student data. Teacher feedback showed that system accessibility from anywhere at any time was a huge time-saver.

  8. A community in the cloud

    We launched iCommunity, our dedicated and completely free knowledge-sharing online community for iSAMS schools.

    The Fee Billing module is released, making it easier for bursars and finance departments to manage complex student bills.

  9. A school MIS for every type of school

    More than 300 schools were now enjoying the iSAMS experience and our team released the Census module, helping schools fulfil all UK and international census requirements.

  10. Ten years old, three amazing apps

    In our 10-year anniversary year, we launched our core suite of apps on both Android and iOS: iTeacher, iParent and iStudent. A hit with teachers and an immediate lift in engagement and communication with parents and students.

    The apps give access to almost every area of daily school life; it’s hard to imagine iSAMS without them now.

  11. Huge integration potential made possible

    Now the leading MIS supplier to independent schools and gaining ground in the state school sector too, we introduced the Marketplace. iSAMS Marketplace brings schools and software providers together to make powerful plug-ins and integrations with iSAMS possible.

    We also launched the Admissions Portal, a paperless online portal linked to the Admissions module.

  12. International schools benefit from iSAMS

    International Baccalaureates became increasingly popular in the UK and iSAMS’ network of partner schools around the world continued to grow.

    We worked closely with Faria Systems to achieve iSAMS integration with ManageBac, the integrated learning platform for international schools.

  13. The most advanced school MIS yet

    Our 750th school takes ownership of its iSAMS system and we finally find the time to revamp our website. More importantly, the iReport App is launched, enabling teachers to complete reports even more easily, wherever they are.

    Further feature launches include the GDPR module for data compliance, Wellbeing Manager and iFinance.

  14. Supporting more schools than ever

    We welcomed over 950 schools to our ever-growing client community, which now spans more than 75 countries around the world. Plus, with our improved user interface and secure single sign-on functionality enabled across our suite of portals and multilingual Apps, accessing key school information whenever you need it and wherever you are is now even easier.

    Further feature launches include additional functionality to support student wellbeing and enhanced security updates to ensure your important details stay protected.

  15. iSAMS join IRIS Software Group

    As we celebrated 15 years since the founding of iSAMS, we also joined the IRIS Software Group, positioning iSAMS as the most complete MIS on the market, incorporating finance, HR and payroll solutions with our powerful cloud-based system.

    We also welcomed the 1,000th school to our growing community, which now spans more than 80 countries.

  16. Think beyond the MIS

    We welcomed our 1,300th school now spanning 90 countries. We launched iUniversity, an on-demand learning platform, a payment gateway enabling parents to pay school fees securely online, a self-service HR solution and our cloud-based admissions portal.

  17. We launched Central, powered by PowerBI, and now support 1,500+ schools globally with 1.4M student profiles managed within iSAMS. We upgraded our Ideas Portal for user feedback and innovation allowing staff using iSAMS to provide feedback and new ideas to the product and development teams.

Our software was inspired by the frustration teachers in the independent sector experienced with school admin systems. We set out to create something better. And as our product grew in scope and scale, so did we.