Could your current iSAMS installation be used to far greater effect? Probably

Our audit reveals how you can achieve more and get even better value from iSAMS. Even the most progressive and technologically driven organisations can overlook a feature or shortcut in their software. After the initial set-up, excitement and relief that you’re saving time, money and paperwork, routine takes over. It’s entirely natural. But it often means that a lot of powerful potential goes untapped.

That becomes even more likely as time goes on and minor system updates contain improvements which aren’t exploited. Our audit service sets out to make iSAMS work even harder for you. In just a few days, you’ll have a detailed report revealing all the ways you could get greater uplift in engagement, communication and understanding.

Who should consider an iSAMS system audit?

The longer ago your initial install, the larger and more complex your school structure, and the more modules and external software you use, the likelier it is that you’re sitting on vast reserves of time-saving possibilities.

We’ll find them all for you.

Schools with installations 2+ years old
Schools with multiple sites or age groups
Schools with recent staff or process changes
Schools using other 3rd party software
Schools using more than 3 optional modules

Habits aren’t always helpful. An iSAMS audit helps you look at how you use your system with fresh eyes and inspiration.

How will my audit work?

One or more of our auditors will visit your school, spend time with key personnel (usually the IT manager and iSAMS champions from the teaching, finance and admin departments), and review your entire installation set-up.

We’ll look at which modules you use and how you use them. We’ll also look at any third-party software your school relies on – and perhaps doesn’t need to rely on – and whether an integration would make things more efficient for you. We’re usually with you for just the one day.

Within a week, we’ve prepared a thorough and easy-to-follow audit of your iSAMS set-up, processes and reports. You’ll find careful analyses of the way you use your system, along with recommendations for what you could be doing better, and suggestions of how to go about that.

Where applicable, we’ll recommend further training or additional modules from which you would benefit. We’re also happy to come and talk through the report and demonstrate our recommendations.