Making it even easier to access key information and complete everyday tasks, we’re here to support your teaching staff

Our MIS reduces the time spent on lengthy administrative tasks so teachers can focus on what they’re fundamentally there to do: teach.

Writing school reports
Communicating with parents and students
Taking the register
Managing student information

Writing school reports

With numerous templates, hundreds of students and unwavering deadlines, school report season can seem like a very daunting time of year. So, to minimise stress and ensure you have as seamless an experience as possible when writing schools reports, we offer a variety of features to help.

  • Populate and amend a variety of report templates in-house, each of which are designed to cover your specific reporting needs.
  • Liaise with our Reporting Services team if you need something more bespoke, and they’ll be able to build custom reports on request.
  • Write and log reports wherever you are with our iReport App, with full functionality on smartphones and tablets. Easy to set up and use, you can even check past reports and grades whilst you’re on the move.

With a wealth of features available, writing and submitting end-of-year and end-of-term reports has never been easier.

Reporting Apps

Taking the register

One of the most important parts of every school day, our Registration Manager takes the information collected at registration periods and feeds it back into the iSAMS system.

This includes lateness, reason for absence, or attendance outside of the traditional registration times. There’s also a handy feature so you can register the absence of multiple students at once in the event of a school closure or similar.

The module’s communication features include the facility to pass information to students or groups of students at registration time, or to identify and contact a student’s family based on specified attendance criteria. Plus, our range of customisable features helps you adhere to existing processes.

More than this, our iTeacher App means you can do all this and more via a more easily portable and accessible tablet or mobile device.

Registration Apps

Communicating with parents and students

Building and maintaining positive relationships with parents and students is a crucial aspect of teaching, especially when it comes to sharing important information and updates with them.

At iSAMS we aim to bridge the gap between your teachers and other members of the school community through enhanced communications features, including our powerful SMS Gateway.

Remarkably easy to set up and use, this module enables you to schedule, authorise, send and record all your SMS activity, ensuring that parents and students receive key messages immediately via their mobiles.

Not only this, but publishing information directly to the Parent and Student Portals means that you can reach these members of the school community almost instantly and lregardless of where either they or you are in the world.

Portals Apps

Managing student information

Inputting, storing and accessing student information is fundamental to helping you complete your job effectively, which is why we aim to make this experience as seamless as possible for you and your colleagues.

Now you can view, input and amend the contact details, attendance record, wellbeing information and academic performance of each student, all through one easily navigable database.

Plus, if you prefer working on the move, our iTeacher App enables you to complete up to 70% of your daily tasks via your smartphone or tablet. Gone are the days of lengthy waits while your computer starts up – now you can access everything you need via a few quick taps on your mobile device.

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Student Profiles Apps

Manage Staff Information

A comprehensive, scalable and integrated solution that strips away repetitive admin and helps HR staff and teachers alike to focus on what really matters.

The iSAMS HR & Payroll solutions are designed to automate time-consuming, manual, and repetitive administrative tasks and provide the HR and Payroll departments with enhanced insights, including a fully branded, customisable, self-service dashboard for employees.

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For our teaching staff, Contact Pupil Teachers is probably their favourite feature. Being able to quickly email teachers regarding a particular pupil via a series of clicks is just so handy. Not only this, but the iTeacher app has given staff further accessibility to iSAMS which is invaluable.

Forest School, United Kingdom

The Registration module has proved extremely popular with teachers. Not only does it mean no more paper-based registrations, but teachers can teach and take the register using an iPad anywhere on site, as well as on school trips.

Moulsford Prep School, United Kingdom