Moulsford Prep School has never looked back

Moulsford Prep School was one of the first schools to start using iSAMS. That pioneering move has enabled significant improvements to the way the school works. Reporting is easy, accessing information is simple and staff can even take registers on the nearby banks of the River Thames.

The challenge

Before iSAMS, staff at Moulsford used a small bespoke database, managed by a  single administrator. While it wasn’t easy to access and share data, and reporting was time-consuming for staff, it was at first adequate.

But as the school grew, the team at Moulsford realised they needed a more flexible and professional system. In 2005 the school began to implement iSAMS, recognising its potential.

I would recommend iSAMS. It’s really intuitive and easy to learn; staff just need an induction of a couple of hours and off they go. It’s such an effective system. The team there come up with new elements before we had even thought of them and, to be honest, we’ve never looked back. iSAMS was created for both prep and senior schools and after all these years we are still convinced it’s right for us.

The benefits of iSAMS

11 years later, iSAMS looks after everything from admissions to children’s healthcare. Among the modules that make a difference are Admissions, Registration Manager, Sanatorium Manager, Activities Manager and School Reporting.

The administrative staff find the Admissions module particularly useful. They can log and review admissions and keep track of children from RAF families who change schools regularly.

The Registration module has proved extremely popular with teachers. Not only does it mean no more paper-based registrations, but teachers can teach and take the register using an iPad anywhere on site, as well as on school trips.

iSAMS even means the School Matron can now track allergy and medical requirements over time – and support the Independent Schools Inspectorate reviews. Using Activities Manager, the school creates sports team sheets that filter through to the reporting module so teachers can see and include the information in pupils’ reports. Parents can log into the school-branded Parent Portal and see how their children are performing on the playing field.

Modules such as Registration Manager and School Reporting modules, in particular, have allowed teachers to say goodbye to time-heavy tasks and get on with teaching and learning instead.

The team at Moulsford think the School Reporting module has had the most significantly positive impact, saving days’ worth of work and immeasurable stress.

It’s revolutionised report writing, giving immediate access to all school and student data and the ability to search and analyse key information.

Key Feaures


Reporting is easy, accessing information is simple and staff can
even take registers just about anywhere.

Easy Admissions

Able to log and review admissions and keep track of children from RAF families who change schools regularly

Paperless registration

Teachers can teach and take the register using an iPad anywhere on site.

School-branded Parent Portal

Parents can log into the Parent Portal and see how their children are performing.