Installing your first iSAMS system

It’s easier than you might think. We’ve implemented iSAMS in more than 1,000 schools and the average installation takes us just three hours from the moment you enable remote access. Or you can focus on your internal systems and we’ll host your system ourselves.

We can manage the entire data transfer for you
Easy-to-use import and export facilities
We can help you to clean your data, eradicate duplication and redundant data
Once the transfer is complete, you’ll have full access to your data
Choice of externally hosted or locally hosted

Dealing with the data

It’s the way iSAMS uses your data that makes it such a powerful and versatile tool. But it needs importing from your existing database first to unleash that potential.

iSAMS has easy-to-use import and export facilities, and we can manage the entire data transfer for you – no matter what database you’re currently using. We’ve migrated school data from every other mainstream school MIS, after all.

We can even help you cleanse it – to eradicate duplication and redundant data. Data is imported in layers, and tested as the process progresses, so you can trust that everything will be just as you want it.

Once the transfer is complete, you’ll have full access to your data, with easy extraction from any field within the system. And you’ll be ready to start benefiting from all the modules you’ve chosen for your system.

Your choice of installation

Externally hosted

The increasingly popular choice. It puts the onus on us to take responsibility for the smooth running of your iSAMS system. That’s easy – and we host it in a secure, dedicated data centre. It means a lot less strain on your existing hardware and internal staff resource. External hosting relies on a working internet connection for any access.

Locally hosted

You’ll need your own web server and database server. We’ll take care of the install remotely and ensure the database and modules are working correctly. Then we set up maintenance plans, show you best practice for system backups and configure the system to receive updates via the iSAMS Update System (IUS).

What about new schools?

New schools need to capture the same data as an established school when it comes to student admissions and curriculum planning. Yet new schools often delay their MIS implementation just because most systems need to be installed on the school’s own network.

But what if you don’t have a network? What if you don’t even have the land yet? This is why iSAMS is the ideal new school MIS. We offer a unique service: we will host the system on your behalf, and your staff can access it from anywhere in the world. Your school could be based in a management office in London or Singapore – it doesn’t matter where you are.

That means you can get started immediately

Your admin staff benefit from the features of an MIS without pointlessly adding data to Access or Excel spreadsheets. You want that data in the MIS eventually, so why not use it from the very beginning? Once your school is launched, we can continue to host iSAMS for you, or we can easily transfer it to your own in-school network.

So, from the outset, all new student applications will be tracked, communications will be fully logged, and you can examine statistics at the click of a button. You get all this information without the need for double entry and messy data transfers. Good, clean data from the first student application, and a school MIS which will grow as your school grows.

“We worked very closely with our iSAMS Installer and went in with our eyes open and a clear strategy in place. This meant we could be confident using the data we’d collected moving forwards with iSAMS.”

Ben Whitaker - Head of IT Services, Bury Grammar School

“iSAMS has been a huge success and it has revolutionised the way in which we manage information and communication between staff, pupils and parents.”

John Willetts – MIS Manager and Timetabler, Sherborne School

“I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve told me how impressed they are with iSAMS – it’s a great system.”

Laura Pountney – Data Manager – Tudor Hall School

“iSAMS is an integral part of Sevenoaks School’s strategy for high quality student data”

Sarah Williamson - Director of Information Systems, Sevenoaks School

“Since moving to iSAMS the day-to-day management of our school data has improved significantly, increasing efficiency across the school.”

Mark Smith – Technical Services Manager, Cheadle Hulme School