As an employer, we have a duty of care towards our people.

  • Fair and equal opportunities for all, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Competitive reward packages.
  • Ongoing training and development.
  • An inclusive, welcoming and supportive working environment and a culture of honesty and respect for all.
  • Encouraging a healthy work/life balance.
  • Support for employees’ personal charitable and sustainability endeavours.

A good standard of education in a forward-thinking, supportive environment is vital to a healthy, sustainable future for all.

As a business, we have the opportunity for positive influence and the responsibility to reduce negative impact.

  • Setting a good example for clients, stakeholders and partners in all that we do.
  • Operating a financially stable business, with a strategy for sustainable long-term growth.
  • Exceeding minimum legal standards in everything from data compliance to environmental standards.
  • Considering sustainability in the procurement of all goods and services.
  • Adopting an ethic of continuous improvement, to increase our efficiency, profitability and to add ever greater value to our clients, partners and stakeholders.

Education and a better society aren’t just about academia. They’re about togetherness, fun and a healthier way of life.

Caring for communities

Our suite of software is specifically designed to enhance the educational environment in all sorts of schools, to reduce stress and paperwork for teachers and to encourage and enable improved all-round achievement for students. A better education benefits society at large and raises living standards.

At a local level, we sponsor the Earls Barton United FC football team, providing them with match-day kit. We also offer placement year employment for computer science degree students at Northamptonshire University.