A comprehensive, scalable and integrated solution that strips away repetitive admin and helps HR staff and teachers alike to focus on what really matters

The iSAMS HR & Payroll solutions are designed to automate time-consuming, manual, and repetitive administrative tasks and provide the HR and Payroll departments with enhanced insights, including a fully branded, customisable, self-service dashboard for employees.

Self-service dashboard
Expedite communication
Rapid reports
Compliant, secure storage
Seamless Payroll integration

Lighten the HR load through self-service

Our HR software is designed to collect and organise the information you gather, to help you make more informed, strategic and proactive decisions. The system is intuitive, easy to use and flexible, making it suitable for various HR environments. Whether hiring new employees, managing absences, preparing for performance reviews, or building a positive school culture, our HR solution provides valuable insights to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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Connect your HR and Payroll functions efficiently

For a comprehensive, streamlined approach to managing your HR and Payroll functions, we highly recommend combining our Payroll solution with our HR system. By doing so, employee details are automatically synced and carried over to your pay run, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry, which in turn minimises the risk of GDPR breaches, saves you time and ensures the accuracy of payroll information. Payslips are also automatically loaded to the Employee Portal in HR for easy access and viewing. * only available for UK schools

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iSAMS HR gives your school’s HR personnel the freedom to focus on taking care of your staff, rather than filing and logging forms – while also providing the opportunity to gain overarching or individual insights into everything related to your school’s body of staff. 

HR features overview

Expedite communication

iSAMS HR solutions improve communication between HR, department heads and any other member of school staff. Set the most important messages to pop up at log-in, send key messages and requests to dashboards or by mail-merged broadcast email, and even set tasks, reminders, and alerts. 

Self-service dashboard

Put teachers in charge of their personal information and reduce your HR team’s repetitive workload. Staff can view their employment terms and benefits, school handbook, pay slips, and manage their holiday and sick leave requests

Immediate insights

Automatic visualisations of everything from staff demographics to attendance levels, calendar overviews, staffing levels, and more. Take advantage of real-time notifications of any new developments and tasks as soon as they appear.

Census reports and audit trails

Running censuses and meeting compliance and audit requirements can be time-consuming, but are vital to meeting education governance requirements and ensuring security in your daily operations. Our HR solutions provide access to the timeliest HR and compliance data for your reports.

Compliant, secure data storage

Guarantee compliance with GDPR and other personal data protection legislation with secure cloud-based data stores that are updated in real-time. Set access permissions for specific staff members, ensuring that only the right members of staff can view or edit personal data. 

Go paperless with your HR

Easily distribute documents and forms to your staff and candidates for seamless HR management and quick access to vital information. Manage applications, sick and holiday on a user-friendly online platform.

Secure school compliance management

Implement a real-time, data-driven system for effective compliance management. With secure data storage and a modular and integrated configuration, our compliance solution ensures that you can efficiently compile your data and thoroughly analyse key points for improved processes. 

The intuitive system offers interactive dashboards, graphs, and charts to provide you with valuable insight into your compliance procedures. From managing risks to ensuring all staff have undergone the necessary training for their role, the solution handles the extensive nature of compliance in education. Storing all compliance data and information in one central place and automating tasks reduces otherwise time-consuming admin, making way for more focused and streamlined workflows. 

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Automated and efficient recruitment background checks

Partnering with Social Media Check, iSAMS offers an automated online background screening solution for school recruitment in the digital age. Examine the digital footprint of your potential new recruits across a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social Media Check examines an individual’s online history and identifies areas for concern, including hate speech, violent images, swearing, nudity, and more. No IT integration is required, and the technology provides a full, interactive, and auditable report in under 60 minutes, drastically reducing admin time for recruitment staff. 

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The core iSAMS HR Manager module

The core iSAMS module expands your iSAMS MIS to give you key tools for organising your staff, keep up to date records, search for vital information, managing applications and documents, and more.  

Begin to develop your school’s HR capabilities with the core HR Manager module. When you’re ready to take your software a step further, iSAMS’ enhanced HR solutions integrate seamlessly with the HR Manager module, so that you can pick up where you left off.  

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