HR manager gives you everything you need to organise your staff, hold all their key information and keep extensive, up-to-date, easy-to-access records – all through a wide range of simple, clear and highly effective tools

The module lets you manage staff applications from both current and former staff and stores staff contact details, addresses, phone numbers, emails, photographs, and next of kin – all of which can be displayed or remain private depending on your school’s policy.  It also holds all key information such as contacts, enrolment details, census information, archive details and notes, and even an absence request manager.


Other sections include development and appraisal for keeping track of staff courses, complete with dates, venues and costs, and staff transport and licence storage.

The document repository makes it easy to upload and tag documents or files too. You can create and allocate an unlimited amount of new custom fields in pre-built sections, organise export data, create labels, or customise groups however you need to.

A powerful search form is provided too, so you can look through key staff fields with results displayed in a flexible grid. There’s even a probation and security section so CRB records and disclosure information can be assessed and stored, and references can be checked, including List 99.

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Features overview

Privacy Modes

Either display staff contact information or make it private depending upon school policy.

Customised Search Results

Display search results in a customisable grid and include core fields as well as contact cards.

Probation & Security

Provides a probation and security section for assessing and recording CRB records and checking references. Also allows checking, storing and recording of List 99 disclosure information.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Create an unlimited amount of custom fields and allocate to new sections or place within prebuilt sections.

Unlimited Custom Groups

Place staff into an unlimited amount of custom groups which can be reused for other purposes.

Absence Management

Provides an absence manager so users can store all staff member absence requests.

Laura (Data Manager) and the staff at the school use the majority of the modules within iSAMS. Laura picks the most useful as being Pupil Manager, HR Manager, Exams Manager, Census & Inspection Manager, Reward & Conduct and Tracking Manager.

Tudor Hall, United Kingdom