Choose powerful integrations

As an iSAMS school, you can choose from an ever-growing range of plug-ins at the Marketplace.

You’ll find everything from cloud accounting to staff appraisal integrations; whatever you need to start streamlining all sorts of processes and bring together separate systems.

Every tool has been tested and approved to connect to your iSAMS installation, and you’ll have dedicated support on an ongoing basis.

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How it works

Joining and browsing the Marketplace is completely free for iSAMS schools.

Pricing for each plug-in depends on the third-party provider. You’ll find all the information you need as you search the directory.

Becoming a School Partner also gives you access to our APIs, which means you can develop your own apps and tools for iSAMS integration, and sell them on to other schools.

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School Partner price plans

If you’ve developed software you’d like to integrate with iSAMS there are two levels of integrator access to choose from, each with different levels of data feeds, development and test tools, technical support and marketing support.

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