Press | 26 Jan 2022

iSAMS launches a dedicated Payment Gateway Solution for Independent Schools

iSAMS today announced the launch of its own payment gateway solution – iSAMS Payments. Fully integrated with the iSAMS Management Information System (MIS), including their Parent Portal and Admissions Portal, the iSAMS Payments solution provides schools with a secure and convenient method for parents to complete school payments online for student and registration fees. 

Designed with busy parents in mind, iSAMS Payments enables Independent Schools to offer their parents a quick, simple and secure means of paying invoices directly from their bank account, by credit card or via PayPal. 

“In recent years, cybercriminals have sought to take advantage of infection vectors – or weak points – in schools’ IT systems, often targeting parents by spoofing school staff email addresses and requesting payments be made via bank transfer,” said iSAMS Co-founder and Managing Director, Alastair Price, “The iSAMS Payments solution removes this potential cybersecurity risk by enabling school finance staff to post invoices directly to the iSAMS Parent Portal, rather than sending them via email.”

With iSAMS Payments, parents can log in to the secure portal, view outstanding invoices and pay using one of the iSAMS Payments options. The solution can help schools to manage expenditure and make smarter decisions as payments are collected in a timely manner, to the correct bank account.  

“We listened to feedback from our schools and developed an open banking solution that provides schools with low transaction charges for schools fees, making it feasible and attractive for schools to give parents the choice to pay student fees securely online.” said Jamie Reid, iSAMS Sales Director. 

The iSAMS Payments solution provides competitive transaction charges, with school fee payments charged at just 0.2% + 10p per transaction, and all other charges at 1.29% for card payments and 1.4% +20p per transaction for PayPal. 

In addition to low transaction fees, the solution supports school finance teams by offering significantly more integration options compared with other payment gateways, including central logging of all payments, making refunds directly within the iSAMS MIS and the ability to make payments into different bank accounts. 

The iSAMS Payments solution enables schools to offer a secure payment method for parents, allows administrators to access all the functionality of a normal payment gateway in one convenient place and streamlines the processing of payments, helping to reduce the administrative burden on school finance teams. 

If you would like to learn more about iSAMS Payments, please contact us.

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iSAMS partners with Social Media Check

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iUniversity Announces First Certification Exam Courses

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