The first app designed to help your teachers achieve up to 70% of their duties on a mobile device

Give your teachers instant access to school information and the power to complete key tasks via smartphone or tablet using the iTeacher App. Help make day-to-day classroom tasks easier for them.

Take the register anywhere
Check timetables quickly
Organise substitute teachers
Send important communications
View student profiles at any given time
Award commendations and assign penalties
Write and review school reports

Give your teachers instant access to school information

Each teacher gets quick and easy access to school information and can easily complete key tasks such as taking a register or awarding commendations directly from their mobile device or tablet.

The app is easy to set up, yet sophisticated data encryption and device management protect sensitive school information falling into the wrong hands. You can also use the app as an alternative and cost-effective way of communicating with teachers. Free push notifications can be used to send alerts about relevant news and updates as soon as they happen, directly to each teacher.

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Features overview

Student Attendance & Registers

Quickly record class and group attendance, marking students as present, absent or late in just a few taps. Furthermore, registers can be taken anywhere and at any time – in school, on the playing field, or out and about on a school trip.

Viewing Student Profiles

Instant access to student profiles, viewing academic, pastoral, medical and emergency contact information. The iFeed feature also provides updates on any significant changes facing each student in your care, helping you support or reward them, and address any issues as they’re raised.

Viewing Timetables

Teachers can access their full timetable via their mobiles, iPads or other portable devices, with clear visibility of their current, next and future lessons. These can also be filtered by teacher, student, room, department, grade, year or set – so you can quickly identify which lesson a student should be in or find a colleague.

Accessing Cover Arrangements

Not only can they view their own timetables and those of their peers, but your teachers will also have quick access to substitution timetables, where they can identify all rooms and teachers that are available within any given period.

Awarding Commendations & Managing Detentions

Award commendations and detentions to students as they happen. Accidents and incidents can be quickly logged and relevant staff informed.

Sending Emails & SMS

The iTeacher App enables teachers to send emergency broadcasts instantly to staff, students and parents via email and SMS, directly from their mobiles. Making use of this integrated communications feature, it’s never been easier to share key information with students and colleagues as soon as things happen.

App Broadcast

Our App Broadcast feature enables you to communicate directly with teachers who haven’t yet installed the iTeacher App, highlighting how useful it will be for them and providing them with important installation instructions.

For our teaching staff, Contact Pupil Teachers is probably their favourite feature. Being able to quickly email teachers regarding a particular pupil via a series of clicks is just so handy. Not only this, but the iTeacher app has given staff further accessibility to iSAMS which is invaluable.

Imran Gulma, Information Systems Manager, Forest School

The iTeacher App has a user-friendly interface, organised across four key tabs:

My App Dashboard

View a snapshot of relevant key information, including current and next lessons.


Communicate directly with students, other teachers, staff, forms, years, houses or any custom group via email and SMS.


Configure personalised app settings and device integration options.


Access to key administrative teaching tasks and student information.

Technical information

The iTeacher App is a native app installed on teachers’ mobile devices and tablets. This provides enhanced security and quicker access to information. It must be purchased by your school in order for it to be accessible to teachers and only works in conjunction with the iSAMS Management Information System.


iTeacher App offers 9 different languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese (European and Brazil), Thai, Simplified Chinese & Russian.

The iTeacher App is available to download from the Apple iTunes store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.