Complete governmental censuses and industry surveys quickly, accurately and easily through simple inbuilt reports

Census Manager covers all the areas you need for the DfE and Workforce Censuses (State Schools), and the ISC Census (Independent Schools), as well as current and former teaching staff, students’ on-register boarding status, SEN study of male and female students, an ethnicity category and country of residence matrix.

The module allows you to complete British parent surveys for HMF, provide information on the destination of school leavers and fill out key reports for your school’s ISI inspection. It also contains other useful reports for curriculum and staff, admissions registers, and communication and matrixes for applicants, students and alumni.

Features overview

Inbuilt Reports

You have a series of inbuilt reports for use in completing governmental censuses and industry surveys.

Custom Reports

Provides other useful reports such as the admissions register, communication report and applicant, student and alumni matrixes.

We used most of the modules straight away and they’re being improved all the time, as well as new modules being introduced when needed. For example, we were delighted to be involved in assisting with the School Workforce Census project, ensuring all key features were available to run and submit annual statutory reports. Conversations with iSAMS’ Business Analysts were always very constructive and effective, and we appreciated how open the team was to suggestions regarding potential enhancements.

Aylesbury Grammar School, United Kingdom