Give your school a solution to help protect the personal information you process and store.

Our Data Protection module enables you to create, configure and manage consent registers with the Consent Management feature, including capturing consent from parents at the start of the Admissions process via the Admissions Portal. It also gives you the ability to maintain a comprehensive record of all DSAR’s, from request through to completion.

Maintain a comprehensive record of all DSAR’s from request through to completion

With the Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) feature you’re able to record DSAR requests against a data subject. This includes fields regarding the status of the DSAR, the date, and other key information pertinent to actioning a DSAR. It’s also a convenient location to execute the suite of DSAR reports in a single action.

Give parents and students access to view consents

Allow parents and students to view their consents by displaying these on both the Student and Parent Portals. For a student who is under the age of 16, consent permissions will display on the Parent Portal along with the consents for the logged in contact. A student over the age of 16 will see his/her consent permissions on the Student Portal.

Key Features

Manage Consent Records

Manage consents against a single data subject or bulk apply against multiple consent registers for numerous data subjects. View and maintain both data subject consent.

Configure Consent Register

Create consent registers, select the data subject type(s) to which it applies and ensure valid fields are set.

Capture Consent at Admission

Ability to capture consent at the time of enquiry for applicants and associated contacts.

Parental Consent

Manage parental consent when communicating with parents during the Application/Admissions process, one of the GDPR requirements.

Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)

Providing you with an area to record DSAR requests against a data subject, including fields for status, date and other key information.

GDPR Compliant

A solution to enable you to comply and simplify the complexity of the new GDPR requirements.

iSAMS has been a success for us. It has collated all our key school information across multiple sites and stored it in one intuitive and workable system.

Bury Grammar School, United Kingdom