Online Parent Portal

A customisable online portal for parents to easily view information. The portal shows a child’s timetable, attendance information including school and lesson registration, future absences and off games, discipline details such as detentions and reward and conduct records. Along with permission forms, exam entries and school reports and more.

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Keep Parents and Guardians Updated

Parent Portal gives you everything you need to keep all parents and guardians constantly updated on the data your school holds on their child – creating excellent communication, providing extensive information and giving them constant peace of mind.

You can customise the module to your own school’s style and content, and every action is logged. You can also access valuable information such as how many visitors the site has and other useful stats, and once it’s set up it needs hardly any maintenance.

Easily View All Information

To see how their child is progressing, parents can view their timetables, teaching groups, attendance, detentions or reward and conduct records and what groups or events they are involved in. They can also find information on all exam arrangements, read their child’s reports and fill in and return permission forms electronically.

Simple Registration

You are able to send parents a letter with a simple activation code so they can register and use the portal. They can update their own contact details, reset their passwords or username when they need to and access a huge range of information from other iSAMS modules. They can even create their own groups and mailing lists using unlimited texts and emails.

Features overview


Customise the portal including the styling and content. You can customise navigation to include content from other sites or services

Portal Statistics

Log every action on the portal and management module. Includes statistics such as hits by time, day, month etc, as well as navigation, content usage, errors and bandwidth.

Parental Registration

Simple and slick process to allow parents to register to use the portal. Parents receive a letter with an activation code.

Minimal School Input

Includes tools to allow the parent to reset their password, and recover their username if they forget it.

School Life

Shows information and news content from the Daily Bulletin module, News Manager, Calendar Manager and the School Directory. Includes photo galleries and picture management

Parent Contacts

Parents can update their own contacts within the portal – includes an authorisation system so the school can control changes and updates.

E-Mail & SMS Communication

Unlimited email and SMS groups so parents can join mailing lists.

Curriculum & Timetable

Publishes their child’s timetable complete with print and export options. Shows parents all their child’s teaching groups too.

Attendance & Registration

Shows attendance information including school and lesson registration, future absences and off games.

Discipline & Pastoral Events

Shows discipline details such as detentions and reward and conduct records.

Activity Groups, Events & Timetables

Shows activity groups, events and timetables from the Activities module.

Internal School Examinations

Shows internal exam entries, timetables and results from the Internal Exams module.

Public Examinations

Shows the exam arrangements, exam entries, exam timetables and exam results from the External Exams module.

School Reporting

Shows children’s school reports including assessment data and reports from the School Reporting module.

Electronic Forms

Includes an electronic forms system so you can request parents to fill in certain forms such as Permission Forms. Responses can be emailed on completion or stored for use later on.

Document Repository

Provides a document repository to publish documents to individual parents, groups based on their children or all portal users.

iParent App

With the iParent App you are able to share valuable student information and key school news with parents directly via their smart phone or tablet. It provides quick and easy access to everything parents need to know about their child’s school life, including attendance records, exam results, reward and detention notifications, reports and assessments, timetables, school news and more.

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Despite only going live in September, by November we were rolling out the Parent Portal and iParent App. These features have been particularly significant for us as we’re currently encouraging a home-school learning initiative, which hasn’t really been supported by previous school management information systems.

I’m also a parent here, so I get to experience the Portal and App from both perspectives, and I love how slick and easy they are to use – so much so that we’re planning on rolling out more modules through them soon.

Bury Grammar School, United Kingdom