Student Profiles provides a single destination for viewing complete student records from over 20 different modules – letting people with authorisation see every detail of an individual student’s school career.

Highly useful for parent-teacher meetings or pastoral care reports, and showing all exam entries, timetables and results, this module also provides a 14-day running commentary of students and search forms to find individuals by school, structure, pastoral group, and academic lists. All data is read-only and includes registration and lesson-by-lesson information, future absence and off-games records.

Academic profiles contain the student’s curriculum programme, along with all their current and past set and group changes with activities broken down alongside reward and conduct records by month, terms and previous years. You can even look at school reports and assessment data by reporting cycle and build custom report outputs to add to the module.

Features overview

Single Module

Provides a single place to view and retrieve a student’s complete record – with data pulled from over 20 different modules.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

A highly useful module for parent-teacher meetings or pastoral report writing as it gives a full record of everything the student has done.

Filter Search

Provides a filter-based search form to find students by school, structure, pastoral groups, academic lists or custom groups.

Alumni or Former

The search form provides quick searching options to help you identify details for former students.

7-Day Feed

Provides a Twitter-style seven-day running commentary of a student within iSAMS.

Activity Breakdown

Activities details are shown broken down by current, future and past.

Registration Data

Provides access to registration data – including the school register as well as lesson by lesson. Authorised future absences are also shown, along with off-games records.

Academic Profile

The academic profile contains a student’s current curriculum programme along with all set or group changes and a historical view of all sets or groups the student has been in.

SEN Register

Shows a read-only SEN register detailing everything in the SEN module.

Reward & Conduct

Shows reward and conduct records broken down by this month, this term, last term, this year, older and all.

Assessment & Reports

Shows all school reports and assessment data broken down by reporting cycle.

External & Internal Exams

Shows all internal and external exam data – including entries, timetables and results.

iSAMS gives you a great sense of how individual students are progressing, including information about attendance, learning support needs, academic progress and family connections.

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