Reward and Conduct is a special ‘empty shell’ module designed so that you can build and manage all of your school’s pastoral structures.

You can create an unlimited amount of module types to cover everything you need.

A completely customisable module, whether positive or negative, from commendations to penalties, allows you to give each one its own name, code, description and icon. When a record is made on a student’s file, it sends an instant notification to the student, their pastoral tutor, form tutor, house master or mistress and any email addresses that have been set up to receive them. It can also run your house points system.

Containing a status section that you can quickly view, you can also run reports using different filter options, and send reports by email for authorised users to read before publication. You can also control and display the information you want to publish to the Parent Portal and Student Portal.

Features overview

Pastoral Structures

An empty shell module which schools can use to build and manage their own pastoral structures.

Negative & Positive

Used to store and track positive and negative events about a student or group of students.

Unlimited Types

Creates an unlimited amount of module types – from commendations to penalties.

House Points

You can manage your house points system through the module.

Email Notifications

When a record is created, notifications can be sent to the student, pastoral tutor, form tutor, house master/mistress, year tutor and custom email addresses.

Authorisation System

Enables an authorisation system so each record must be authorised before appearing. Send emails to administrators with yes/no buttons for approval.

Publication Rules

Sets custom publication rules for each type so only certain records are displayed to students and parents.

Custom Reports

Run reports against any of the applied records filters.

Full Analysis

Provides a status section in order to allow quick analysis.

Portal Display

Displays the data you want to share on both the Parent and Student Portals.

iSAMS’ module to help us track and manage reward and conduct is highly intuitive and flexible, feeding into other modules to help us gain a complete picture of student records.

Le Régent International School, Switzerland

“We now have everything we need including the Parent & Pupil Portals, My Network Space and Activities Manager which we recently added,” says Richard (Deputy Head Teacher). He finds the most useful modules to be Registration Manager, Reward & Conduct, Mark Books and Tracking Manager.

New English School, Kuwait

Laura (Data Manager) and the staff at the school use the majority of the modules within iSAMS. Laura picks the most useful as being Pupil Manager, HR Manager, Exams Manager, Census & Inspection Manager, Reward & Conduct and Tracking Manager.

Tudor Hall, United Kingdom