A dedicated module focused on recording, monitoring and managing student concerns and wellbeing.

It supports logging safeguarding concerns and issues for students and gives schools access to vital information to provide proactive, preventative pastoral care.

The module is designed specifically to cater to teachers and pastoral managers who want to view and log any wellbeing or child protection concern, allowing them to set action items and monitor the status. The Wellbeing Manager gives your school complete control over ensuring the best for a child’s wellbeing under your care.

Easy-to-view timeline of student concerns

Each students’ record is stored for safekeeping and is displayed with the students’ basic details and timeline of concerns. A students’ timeline is an easy-to-view glance of crucial life events and concerns. Using the raised flag feature the system can identify moments which have significant impacts on a student which should be highlighted to all. This gives the school access to vital information to share with teachers, parents and caregivers.

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Key Features

Interactive Dashboard

Quickly find the most relevant information for pastoral care. Displays all recently listed students with concerns, actions required by the user, life events with date reminders for particular students.

Set User Permissions

Manage editing and viewing permissions to sensitive data. Ensuring visibility is properly managed among users by setting strict permissions. Access is set by selected user and user security profiles.

Manage Records

Manage individual student wellbeing records. Search for student records, view pastoral flags, update the progress or severity and add user actions. Record and manage life events.

Flag System

The Raised flag system indicates the severity of a student concern or life event and is shown as yellow (monitor), green (mild) and red (severe).

Inbuilt Notifications

Get instantly notified whenever a new concern, an action recorded against a concern, or a life event is logged and/or updated.

Linked Concerns

The ability to create ‘copy’ concerns that are linked to a student record, so they can be recorded independently against the student in addition to linking to other concerns

Bulk Update

Add or remove additional Visibility Groups to Student Concerns in bulk. This means that a student’s previously recorded Concerns can be made visible to a new set of form tutors or a pastoral tutor, as needed.

Supports GIRFEC (Getting it right for every child)

Supports the Scottish GIRFEC (Getting it right for every child) regulations, a national approach in Scotland to improving outcomes and supporting the wellbeing of children.

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A real win that has emerged from our use of iSAMS is that our teaching staff and Management Team no longer see data as something that only Admin deals with. They know it’s in their hands and they can easily input or output whatever is needed. This has had a big impact helping them complete their day to day tasks more easily, be it Parent Meetings, Attendance or Behaviour Records, Report Writing and/or Pupil Safety.

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