Discipline Manager gives you everything you need to organise detentions in your school effectively and with the minimum of fuss

A simple wizard lets you put individuals into detention, assign staff members to take detention, and notifies teachers and other relevant members of staff, such as tutors or house heads, when a student has been given a detention or has attended one.

These are then logged against the student’s profile for tracking, and are displayed on the Parent Portal and Student Portal. The module also contains an optional authorisation system that allows administrative workflow for the detention system.

Features overview

Staff Management

Assign staff members to take detentions.

Detention Registration

Email registration information of students who’ve attended detentions to relevant members of staff.

Student Profiling

Log detentions against a student’s profile for tracking.

Email Communication

Generate emails when a student is put into a detention, notifying key teachers.

Detention Authorisation

Optional authorisation that allows administrative workflow for the detention system.

Portal Display

These can also be displayed on the Parent and Student Portals.

The administrative staff find the Admissions module particularly useful. They can log and review admissions and keep track of children from RAF families who change schools regularly.

Moulsford Prep School, United Kingdom