Exclusions Manager helps you to keep accurate and compliant records of students who have been excluded from your school, and manage all the information easily.

This module uses government standard codes for recording exclusions that can be archived by length, reason and type. There is also a facility to print out ‘Notification of Exclusion’ forms when you need them. You can document committee meetings and their outcomes and include them in school records, and add appeal hearing information when parents or guardians challenge the committee’s decision.

Features overview

Student Exclusion

Allows you to record students who have been excluded from school by length of exclusion, reason for exclusion and type of exclusion.

Committee Management

Allows a committee meeting to be documented and added to the record for the committee outcome.

Appeal & Challenge

Allows addition of appeal hearings to the exclusion information when parents wish to challenge the committee’s outcome.

Government Codes

Uses the government standard codes for recording exclusions. Allows the user to print out a ‘Notification of Exclusions’ form when required.