Established in 2002, Australian International School Bangkok is an Australian Curriculum school based in Sukhumvit, catering for students from nursery to Year 12.

AISB welcomes more than 400 students from across 40 different nationalities each year and prides itself on creating a close-knit, multicultural community. 

Established in 2002
Over 400 students
Australian Curriculum
13 years of study

An up-to-date MIS for a growing school

We had an existing MIS that wasn’t doing what we needed it to do. It didn’t have the functionality that we needed. We started to look around for something that would provide the one-stop solution to everything we wanted. We were upgrading our network, we were upgrading our whole IT provision within the school, so we thought it was an opportune time to look around.

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We caught up with Lachlan Addison, IT and Operations Manager, and Brenton Hall, Director, at AISB to learn about their iSAMS implementation.

We wanted to look to the future, and we wanted to have something that would work across our new campus as well. I think we were looking for an upgrade in everything we’re doing and iSAMS was the perfect fit for that.

How did you find the communication and training process given the time difference?

We didn’t have any issue with the time difference. iSAMS was very accommodating to us and had trainers within our time zone. In terms of the training itself, it went quite smoothly. 

Did you encounter any problems and how were they overcome?

The timetable was our biggest issue, because we have multiple campuses and differing lesson lengths and shared dining rooms, etc. We wanted a timetable that fit with everything and that’s not easy! We took the advice of iSAMS and involved third party programs in that.

We’ve got staff asking lots of questions because they can see the functionality as more and more is put on, and they’re thinking about how they can use it further and how their role fits into that.  

A change management process to suit your individual school

I think we made it work for us by starting with the small changes like email and taking registers. I think if we had gone in and made big changes to processes from day one, we would have had more challenges with change management. This approach has worked best for us. 

Every change process needs time and needs people to go along with you on the journey. All the cliches are true and very true for us.