Student Portal uses the school’s main database to tell your students everything they need to know – it’s the ideal way to keep all your pupils informed and up to date.

Through Student Portal students are able to view and print their timetable, see their teaching groups and read their own reports and assessment data. They can also see their attendance and registration information and details of detention or reward and conduct records, and check on their groups and events too.

The module also covers exams, with entries, timetables and results available for both internal and external examinations.

Features overview

School Life

Shows information and news content from the Daily Bulletin module, News Manager, Calendar Manager and the School Directory.

Attendance & Registration

Shows attendance information including school and lesson registration, future absences and off games.

Portal Statistics

Every action is logged on the portal and the management module. Includes useful statistics information such as hits by time, day, month etc as well as navigation, content usage, errors and bandwidth.

Curriculum & Timetable

Publishes the student’s timetable complete with print and export options. Shows students all the teaching groups complete with other students.

Discipline & Pastoral Events

Shows discipline details such as detentions and reward and conduct records.

Internal School Examinations

Shows internal exam entries and results from the Internal Exams module.

Public Examinations

Shows the exam arrangements, exam entries, exam timetables and exam results from the External Exams module.

School Reporting

Shows the school reports for the student, including assessment data and reports from the School Reporting module.

Activity Groups, Events & Timetable

The module is styled to replicate the schools external Website for PR purposes.

Self Appraisal

Includes self-appraisal section with data appearing in the School Reporting module as well as other modules when required.

“iSAMS is an integral part of Sevenoaks School’s strategy for high quality student data.”

Sarah Williamson - Director of Information Systems, Sevenoaks School

“iSAMS has been a huge success and it has revolutionised the way in which we manage information and communication between staff, pupils and parents.”

John Willetts – MIS Manager and Timetabler, Sherborne School

“iSAMS is the most intuitive, flexible and user-friendly school MIS that I have come across in my career so far. They are progressive and up-to-date with the latest technologies and recently with the release of their apps, it has positively transformed the way we manage various in-house processes and improve our parental engagement & communication.”

Benoy Ittyavirah - Director of IT, Staff Training & Development, Wycliffe College

“Since moving to iSAMS the day-to-day management of our school data has improved significantly, increasing efficiency across the school.”

Mark Smith – Technical Services Manager, Cheadle Hulme School