Are you a parent or student from a school using iSAMS?

If you’re a parent or student looking for your school’s parent or student portal, you may find more information about where to find this, click here.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is your parents’ doorway into school life, giving them a much clearer and more detailed picture than many will get from their children. You decide what content to provide, and the portal gives you statistics about how that content is accessed.

You can share timetables and teaching groups, attendance and registration, disciplinary details, exams, activity groups and school reports, plus all the latest school news.

You can even share bulletins and other information by email or SMS, publish electronic forms such as permission forms, upload particular documents and more.

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Student Portal

The Student Portal makes communication with students immediate and easy, and the built-in statistics area shows you who’s reading what and when, so you can track engagement.

Add all the information your students need to know, all in one place. The Pupil Portal shows the school news and bulletins you want at a universal level, plus student-specific information for every child.

It means that each student can see at a glance their timetables, teaching groups, school calendars, exam details, rewards and detentions, extra-curricular activities and sports, school reports and even complete self-appraisals.

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Admissions Portal

Take your admissions process online, tailored to your precise preferences. The iSAMS Admissions Portal sits on your own school website, so would-be parents can complete enquiries quickly.

The online enquiry forms are just the start. You can enable registration fee payments online, flag up applicants with outstanding fees, send personalised emails and automated email notifications, and review all admissions data in real-time.

Best of all, the data is continuously synced with the core iSAMS database, so you’re always working from the latest information.

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