Improve Daily Communication & Display Information on Screens Around Your School

Daily Bulletin allows you to replace assembly notices and daily notice sheets – making communication throughout your school clearer, easier and more efficient. You can set a cut off time where required, with no limit to the number of categories you can create, and as it’s fully integrated with the iSAMS Digital Signage System. The bulletins can be displayed simultaneously on screens around the school. You can even use RSS and XML feeds, add extra filters by category and send bulletins through third-party applications.

Highly Flexible and Easy-to-Use Design

Its design is highly flexible and easy-to-use, so authorised users can create bulletin entries with a start and end date, category and title, and give out any information they want to, all in your school’s own style. They can also upload files and documents when needed, and send bulletins to other staff members for email confirmation before they are displayed.

Features overview

Simple Wizard

Users can add entries to the daily bulletin using a simple wizard. A bulletin entry consists of a start and end date, category or categories, title and body.

Additional Items

Add additional items, such as uploading files and documents, associate year groups and divisions, mark as high priority and choose publication options.

Optional Authorisation

Turn on optional authorisation so all bulletin entries must be authorised by specific users before being shown. Email alerts can be sent with simple yes or no buttons.

Cut Off Time

Configure cut-off times so all entries must be added by a set time or the entry must wait until the next day.

Unlimited categories

Create an unlimited number of categories with which entries can be tagged.

Simple Management Interface

The module provides a simple management interface breaking the entries down into previous, yesterday, today, tomorrow and future.

Internal Intergrations

Display bulletins on screens around the school thanks to full integrations with the iSAMS Digital Signage System.

External Intergrations

RSS and XML feeds are available for all published entries. Filter the feeds further by categories. Then use these feeds to push bulletin entries into third-party applications.

“iSAMS is the most intuitive, flexible and user-friendly school MIS that I have come across in my career so far. They are progressive and up-to-date with the latest technologies and recently with the release of their apps, it has positively transformed the way we manage various in-house processes and improve our parental engagement & communication.”

Benoy Ittyavirah - Director of IT, Staff Training & Development, Wycliffe College

“iSAMS is an integral part of Sevenoaks School’s strategy for high quality student data.”

Sarah Williamson - Director of Information Systems, Sevenoaks School

“iSAMS has been a huge success and it has revolutionised the way in which we manage information and communication between staff, pupils and parents.”

John Willetts – MIS Manager and Timetabler, Sherborne School

“Sherborne Girls was an early adopter of the ISAMS product and we have been very happy with how the product range has grown. The fact that it is compatible with other systems such as SOCs, AccessIt Library, the Room Booking System, the Parents Evening System, CPOMS and TimeTabler has made integration across school departments much easier.”

Louise Orton - Deputy Head, Teaching and Learning, Sherborne Girls

“Our school was looking for a student information system which could integrate well with other systems and provide the level of customisability we were looking for, iSAMS was the only one which gave us this!”

Jacob Martin - International School of Zug and Luzern, Director of Teaching and Learning