Admissions has everything you need to manage the entry of applicants to your school simply and effectively – with a huge range of tools giving you complete control over all aspects of the admissions process

It’s highly flexible and easy-to-use, with simple enquiry forms for all applicants, parents and agents, and contains details of enquiries, registrations, offers, withdrawals and refusals. It includes weekly and monthly breakdowns, as well as key admissions filters too, so you have total control over the information.

Using the customisation tools you can track an individual’s progress, compare them with other applicants, see reasons and methods of enquiry and where prospective students are going, or why places are rejected or withdrawn. You can also search for applicants by core fields as well as agencies, or other schools, visits and campaigns, then group candidates using a customisable grid containing their quick view record, family tree, contact cards and telephone logging.

Pre-planning, communication & documents repository

The module also allows you to build a professional exam programme, while school entry can be pre-planned so new students are in their correct groups, with their passports, visas, SEN and transport records set before arrival. You can inform parents through the school’s Parent Portal.

An applicant’s record holds all their key information and there’s a document repository to upload and tag documents and files, with all communication by letter, email, text or phone logged too. Other handy options include group creation, event management, data export, creating badges and labels and marketing tools for campaigns and admissions literature.

Admissions Portal

The paperless form sits within your school’s own website so parents can access it quickly and easily. From here, each parent can complete your enquiry and registration forms online, as well as paying the relevant deposit.
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GDPR Compliant

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018 and affects how schools manage the data of any European Union (EU) citizen.

The Admissions Portal assists schools with managing the entry of applicants, with the Consent Management feature from the Data Protection module to support GDPR requirements.

Features overview

Activity Timeline

Provides an admissions activity timeline showing the workload of the admissions department – it details key statuses complete with weekly and monthly breakdowns as well as key admissions filters.

Application Workflow

Use key dates to track an applicant’s progress through the admissions process and compare it to other applicants, benchmarks and year-on-year analysis.

Communication Logging

Log all communication – every letter, email, SMS or telephone call including the batch information.

Document Repository

Provides a document repository for all applicants so key documents or files can be uploaded and tagged to an applicant’s record.

Enquiry Forms

Provides simple enquiry forms so data can be entered quickly, in line with your school’s particular processes.

Entrance Examinations

Manage entrance exams through a dedicated section where you can build professional exam programmes.

Key Reports

Provides a range of key reports as standard to help gauge the conversion rates, applicant progress and breakdown of applications.

Interviews, Open Days & Visits

Manage interviews, open days and visits through the module complete with itineraries, invitations and attendance information.

Marketing Campaigns

A marketing section provides management and analysis for agencies, and feed schools as well as marketing campaigns, communication history and admissions literature.

Powerful Search Tools

A powerful set of search forms allow end users to find applicants using any dataset that exists within the admissions module, including core fields as well as agencies, other schools, visits, campaigns and groups.

Scholarship Manager

A scholarship workflow enables registrars to track the process of scholarship interest, assessment, testing and awarding.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Create an unlimited amount of custom fields and allocate to new sections or place within prebuilt sections.

The administrative staff find the Admissions module particularly useful. They can log and review admissions and keep track of children from RAF families who change schools regularly.

Moulsford Prep School, United Kingdom