An online, streamlined way to manage your school’s admissions process.

It’s easy to use and flexible enough to mould to your admissions team’s preferred application processes. It helps you create a more efficient admissions process for your school, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and make consistent record-keeping fully automatic.

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Admissions Cloud Solution

Connecting your school’s Administrator and Admissions team with prospective parents, helping you to build positive relationships from the start.

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Features overview

Online Enquiries

– A fully branded, mobile responsive and dedicated admissions online portal

Multiple Enquiries

Provide parents with the ability to register multiple enquires within one simple online form.

Registration Payments

Parents can easily pay any relevant registration fees online, at the same time as completing the enquiry form.

Applicant Flagging

Manage registration fee payments easily and efficiently using the applicant flagging feature, which highlights when a fee is outstanding.

Automated Email Notifications

Streamline your admissions process by using personalised and automated email notifications for parents and staff when an online enquiry form has been submitted.

School Branding

Your Admissions Portal is styled to match your school’s branding, blending subtly within your school’s PR website.

Real-time Reporting

Manage and review your admissions data quickly and efficiently using the portal’s real-time reporting.

Shared Data

All data from the portal is automatically pulled into the iSAMS Admissions module, ensuring your records are always consistent and up-to-date.

You can also send personalised emails to parents to confirm their application has been received. These tailored messages are an ideal opportunity for you to provide parents with more information about your specific admissions process and to request any files or documents you might need.

All data from your portal is seamlessly pulled into the Admissions module, which means every applicant’s records are always up-to-date and guaranteeing you complete visibility of your school’s applications.