Assign and Share Timetables & Manage Complete Exam Cycles

Internal Exams Manager lets you organise all your exam information by routinely importing and storing all information. Exams can be assigned a date, time and location allowing you to produce and share exam timetables; these can be easily changed if the schedule is updated.

Internal Exams Manager gives you everything you need to manage and administer complete exam cycles simply and effectively – so you’re in total control from entry right through to results. Not only can you customise the module options to specify relevant study programmes, you also have the ability to create entry forms for both groups and individual students, and submit and store grade forecasts and coursework marks.

Core Exam Information

It records and stores exam results so you can preview and publish them too, creating a solid database that is easy to access and simple to use. It also contains a basic wizard that provides core exam information to all module users, and is fully integrated with our Student Profile and Parent and Student Portal modules, so key internal exam information can easily be displayed and students can receive all the details they need.

Features overview

Applicants & Students

Assign current and applicant students as candidates to the module and make special arrangements.

Exam Papers

Create exam papers with a variety of properties, including; how the paper is to be marked, duration, time, venue etc.

Exam Timetables

Makes timetables available that display crucial information such as the date, time, duration and number of entries.

Exam Results

Enter results into the system at a paper or student level, as well as through import procedures from an excel file. Publish results to the Student and Parent Portals.

Exam Publication

View and edit entries, exam timetables and results quickly through the iSAMS wizard without the need to assign teachers permissions to the module.

Inbuilt Reports

A suite of inbuilt reports are available throughout the module and you can assign custom reporting services reports.

Laura (Data Manager) and the staff at the school use the majority of the modules within iSAMS. Laura picks the most useful as being Pupil Manager, HR Manager, Exams Manager, Census & Inspection Manager, Reward & Conduct and Tracking Manager.

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