Our Student Registers module provides a bespoke central area to store and manage school data for specific cohorts of students. This includes predefined registers to meet your school’s fundamental needs and, with our Enterprise Version, your school will have the unique ability to build unlimited bespoke “registers”.

From SEN Register, Free School Meal and Looked After Integrated Registers, to Child Protection Registers, this module gives you the ability to manage and maintain some of your school’s most important and sensitive data. Plus, it gives you a centralised location to manage and support handling regulatory data and producing statistics.

Beyond this, you’ll also be able to quickly and easily export data using our dedicated Report Wizard, pulling in vital information from other iSAMS modules to support your reporting requirements.

In doing so, you can use this module to collect packages of data surrounding specific subjects and create detailed reports on each of them, using any additional information included within that particular register.

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Q&A With Malvern College

In this short Q&A session, we were joined by David Angus, MIS Manager at Malvern College to discuss our Student Registers module, with real-life examples of how the module is being used at the school.

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Key Features

Integrated Registers

Use our inbuilt integrated registers to capture important specific data to support census requirements and help produce essential statistics.

Bespoke Register Builder

Create your own custom register designs, which can be exported and shared across different schools within your group. Our feature enhancements and new documentation will assist in making this intuitive and easy to do.

Dynamic Sections

Each register can include an unlimited number of elements, from textboxes and dropdown lists to numerical fields such as currency, dates/times and much more. You can even upload an unlimited number of supporting documents where needed.

Report Wizard

Our handy Report Wizard was designed to help you export any data element from a register into CSV files or Excel formats, to allow statistical analysis amongst other things.

Student Manager

Data from any register, whether integrated or bespoke, can be displayed in the Student Manager module. This is useful when the identification of separate cohorts of students is required, such as SEN, Gifted & Talented, English as an Additional Language, etc.

Data Security

Set layers of activity permissions for each register to ensure that only the right people have access to your school’s more sensitive data at any time.

API Integration

Use our fully featured REST API to facilitate programmatic access to register data and support both reading from and writing back data.