Highly Flexible and Easy to Create Reports

The School Reporting module is the perfect way to create and compile interim, full end-of-term and yearly reports for all students’ parents – it’s highly flexible and can be tailored to your individual school needs.

With no restrictions on grades, test scores or comments, and no predetermined templates either, you can design your own, and use your own school’s terminology too, creating bespoke school reports easily, with a huge range of features.

Multiple Reporting Capabilities

Multiple staff can write reports for the same subject for one student and print reports or publish them in bulk to the Student and Parent Portals. There is also no limit to the number of printing templates you can use with SQL Server Reporting Services, so you can incorporate other iSAMS information from Exams, Reward and Conduct, and Registration modules when required.

The reporting functionality in iSAMS works really well in terms of how flexible it is and what you can do. The end product that parents and teachers see is very impressive.

Adam Streatfeild-James, Director of Studies, Strathallon School

Copy and Edit Templates

You can use templates for grades, test scores, results, and class position, and add unlimited comment sections. They can be used for multiple cycles and standardisation that can be edited and copied when you need to.

They can be split into subject and activities too, for use by form or year tutor, or the head teacher. Students can even fill in self-appraisal forms through the Student Portal.

View Historical Data

Teachers utilise quick links to view historical data and information on other reports, and because of its intuitive design, writing reports is simple. Reports can then be written online, downloaded to Excel and exported wherever they need to go.

There is also a proofreading option so other authorised staff can receive reports by email, and edit or make direct changes when required.

Key features

Assessments & Reports

Create and compile both interim assessments with the Online Assessment System and full end-of-term and year reports for parents with the Reports Wizard.

Inbuilt Spellchecker

Teachers can run the built-in spellchecker manually or enable the module to automatically check a report once it has been saved.

Multiple Staff

Allows multiple staff to write a report for the same subject for the same student.

Bulk Print Reports

Allows you to bulk print reports and publish them via the Parent and Student Portals.

Report Printing

No limitation on production of printing templates using SQL Server Reporting Services.

Individual Processes

An extremely flexible and customisable system, tailored to the needs of each individual school. No predetermined templates, grade aspects or grade sets, with all terminology bespoke to the user.

Report Standardisation

All templates can be used for multiple cycles and standardisation of reporting, edited if changes are required and even copied to be used for similar reporting templates.

Report Types

Creates templates for subject reports, activities, music, form tutor, year tutor, head teacher and more.

Student Self-Appraisal

Creates student templates for online self-appraisal via the Student Portal.

Intuitive Interface

An intuitive interface for teachers that makes report writing simple. Includes quick links for viewing historical data and information on other reports currently being written.

Online or Offline

Reports can be written online or downloaded to Excel in a locked file, written offline and re-imported.


Full workflow and proofreading controls make for a streamlined, paperless reports process.