A sophisticated approach for managing SMS communications with your whole school community, including students, parents, teachers and other important contacts.

It’s remarkably easy to set up and use, yet contains a wealth of functionality for scheduling, authorising, sending and recording your SMS activity. Defined user access controls, quoting features and budget settings ensure that you remain within your approved SMS communications budget. You can also tailor and track each message with enhanced functionality such as unlimited sender identities, reusable SMS templates, cost profiles and advanced logging.

The software is managed using a dedicated applet within the iSAMS control panel. It supports international characters and has been designed to work with an unlimited number of outbound providers. There is also support for local providers in international countries outside of the UK.

Key Features

Personalised SMS Messaging

A module to send targeted messages to pupils, parents, teachers and associated contacts from one centrally managed platform. Further tailor your SMS communication by creating unique sender identities, eg SENIOR SCH, JUNIOR SCH.

Powerful Scheduling & Batch Delivery

Schedule your message(s) to be sent up to 7 days in advance using the delivery calendar feature. Group messages into batches for fast delivery (1000 per minute). Benefit from effective reporting, analysis and easy viewing.

Emergency Broadcast

Messages can be sent directly from the iTeacher App to all staff, students and parents – or specified groups – as required.

Defined Access & Authorisation

Set up access controls for staff sending SMS messages by user or group and create authorisation rules so that messages are checked before sending.

Clear Cost Profiles & Budgets

Define cost profiles and set budgets by user or group. Limits can be set according to a daily, weekly, monthly, termly or yearly limit, eg £5.00 per week.

Intelligent Logging & Analysis

View all outbound logs, including status changes as messages are received on each recipient’s handset. Tracking data can verify whether the SMS has been read and understand the cost breakdown of each message sent.

Effective Quoting & Testing
Check the cost for your scheduled SMS delivery and test how your message will be viewed by your recipients before pressing send.


You can choose from several pricing structures, depending on your SMS needs. And SMS Gateway can link with any third-party mobile provider.

Choosing a custom provider local to your school brings more flexibility. We’re happy to advise on pricing, availability and how to choose a custom provider.