Off Games is a simple but effective module giving you the tools to easily maintain your school’s register of any students not attending games.

Selected staff can add students to the register, apply reasons and notes when required, put start and end dates, or specify indefinite absence from games when they need to. The register is shown on the iSAMS desktop for users with minimum read-only access, so staff can access information and print it out quickly when they need to.

Features overview

Build Register

Selected staff can add students to the off-games register that’s displayed in key areas of the system.

Date Ranges

Applies start and end dates to specify when the student joins and leaves the register. When needed, you can set indefinite end dates.

Notes & Reasons

Provides reasons and notes that can be added to each off-games record.

Printed List

Print the register quickly when required. This information is available on the main desktop to give staff simple access.