Timetable Manager is the ideal for scheduling and organising your school’s timetable. Flexible and easy to use, it’s perfect for producing timetables quickly, by student, form, teacher, room or subject – even department or academic year.

Not only can you create an unlimited number of timetables, customised to your own specification and school style, and spreadsheets of your entire schedule, you have huge scope to use them as you want to. You can add staff meetings, year schedules and teacher availability, put in prep timetables, and programme it to highlight clashes or other issues. Then simply email them to anyone who needs them, knowing every action has been logged, so you can see who changed what and when.

The module accepts timetable uploads from a number of other programmes, including Nova-T 4 and 6, TimeTabler, GP-Untis, ASC Timetable, and Excel, and timetables can be exported individually or in quantity to PDF, HTML and Excel too.

iSAMS gives you a great sense of how individual students are progressing, with immediate access to timetables and timetable changes per student you can easily view information about attendance, learning support needs, academic progress and family connections.

Sevenoaks School, United Kingdom

Features overview

Timetable Generation

Accepts timetable uploads from Nova-T 4 & 6, TimeTabler, GP-Untis, ASC Timetable and simple Excel spreadsheets.

Unlimited Timetables

The module supports an unlimited amount of timetables – development, preliminary, published and archived.

Extra Timetable Elements

Add staff meetings, tutorials, year schedules and teacher availability to the timetable schedule. Prep timetables can be added to the timetable schedule.

Clash & Missing Detectors

Provides clash and missing detectors so users can confirm the timetable schedule when matched with the academic database.

Timetable Outputs

Timetables can be exported individually or en masse into a host of formats – PDF, Excel and HTML. Timetables can also be emailed to users quickly when required.

Audit & Logging

Every action in the module is logged so you can see who changes what and when.

Timetable Customisation

Set timetable terminology to make the module match your school’s style. You can customise the screen, and print and export layouts to match your needs – including the header and footer.

Timetable Wizards

Provides simple wizards so users can quickly produce timetables by student, teacher, room, subject, department, year group, teaching set and teaching form.

Query Schedule

Query the schedule using a simple wizard to find free students, teachers and rooms, and produce timetable spreadsheets of the whole schedule, broken down by teacher, subject and department.

Timetable Integration

Provides timetables to both the Student and Parent Portals.