Press | 24 May 2024

iSAMS launches Reports Designer tool for reports customisation and styling

iSAMS, a leading provider of school management software, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the Reports Designer tool. This solution is designed to offer a new level of customisation for schools utilising the iSAMS platform.

Schools often encounter challenges when tailoring their reports, either through lack of in-house resources or software limitations in customisation capabilities. The iSAMS Reports Designer tool empowers schools to independently customise and update their reports, eliminating barriers. By offering a simple drag and drop interface, the solution enables all users to undertake tasks such as these for the first time, regardless of level of technical ability.

The key functionality of the Reports Designer tool includes the replication and customisation of both built-in and custom reports, updates to reports built by individual schools, and an enhanced, modern, and fresh user interface for seamless navigation and modification.

Reports Designer

The Reports Designer tool provides functionality for reporting on virtually all areas of iSAMS. Covering core student information, attendance data, house points analysis, end-of-term/year academic reporting, and more, Reports Designer empowers seamless access to your full school database. Utilise this solution to repurpose data in any report alongside other sets of data in various formats. This could be raw data in a spreadsheet, or data displayed in charts or graphs. With this tool the possibilities for Business Intelligence are limitless.

“iSAMS is dedicated to enhancing user experience and will persist in innovating this, post initial launch. Through this tool, iSAMS strives to empower schools by facilitating the design and development of reports directly within the platform. As iSAMS refines the Reports Designer tool, schools can expect ongoing updates and improvements to simplify their reporting procedures.” said Nicholas Clark, Head of Product, iSAMS by IRIS.

To support the release of Reports Designer, iSAMS have also published a supplementary free course on their iUniversity platform to ensure that users can make the most out of the new tool. The course takes users through the process of customising reports, including editing text and fields, fonts and styling, adding images, and more.

iUniversity is an online learning platform that enables subscribed iSAMS users to learn about the iSAMS Student Management System and range of additional modules, according to their own schedules. With this dedicated platform, iSAMS hopes to empower schools to harness the iSAMS software to its fullest potential.

Schools can access the self-service Reports Designer tool at no additional cost. For inquiries regarding the Reports Designer tool, schools are encouraged to reach out to their dedicated Customer Account Manager.

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