Press | 23 Jun 2021

iSAMS Enhances Microsoft School Data Sync with OneRoster APIs

iSAMS has announced the introduction of a faster, more efficient data sync between the iSAMS MIS and Microsoft SDS by providing OneRoster® API endpoints, which can be used to import data into a user’s Microsoft Education Tenant.

OneRoster is an industry-standard specification for securely sharing class rosters and related data between systems. The OneRoster API allows for this data to be securely transferred on demand instead of manually via CSV files.

The Microsoft SDS allows a school’s rostering data to be mirrored from iSAMS into Office 365, Teams, and Azure Active Directory. In doing so it offers the automated provisioning of online classrooms, and teacher and student accounts, saving hours of time previously spent on administrative tasks and enabling schools to focus on student learning.

Microsoft SDS helps schools save time by automating the following tasks:

  • SDS provides dynamic provisioning and roster updates for virtual classrooms in Microsoft 365, for apps like Teams, SharePoint, Exchange, and OneNote Class Notebooks.
  • SDS performs dynamic provisioning of users and groups for IT, for simplified Microsoft 365 identity management, app management, and device management.
  • SDS can sync external SIS data with Education Insights Premium and link with Microsoft 365 activity and directory data, to provide advanced analytics within the Education Insights application found in Teams.

If your school would like to benefit from this improved syncing between iSAMS and Microsoft SDS, please book a demo with our team or get in touch directly with your Customer Account Manager.

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