Press | 18 Sep 2023

iSAMS Launches Central: A Powerful Reporting Solution for Independent Schools

iSAMS announces the launch of its game-changing BI reporting solution, iSAMS Central. Harness the power of your school’s MIS data with data analytics driven by Microsoft Power BI and API technology for improved school performance.  

iSAMS Central provides leaders and data managers with a school-wide view instantly. With customisable inbuilt dashboards, users can access the most important information in a palatable format and effortlessly uncover the real story of their school’s performance. 

“We’ve built Central to help schools transform their school data into actionable insights. Schools can now make smarter decisions and improve their overall performance, boosting outcomes for both students and staff.” Nicholas Clark, Senior Product Manager

Central dashboards enable you to understand why a year group is thriving or struggling, how your resources are performing, how you can meet school KPIs, and more – thanks to pioneering BI analytics. 

Data is the key to success for Independent and International schools, but it can be challenging to truly harness all the available data within your software solutions. Enlist your software to work for you and help you make the most out of your school and its resources.  

Key features of iSAMS Central:

  • Cloud-based: Like all iSAMS systems, Central is accessible anywhere as a cloud-based platform. 
  • Access all available data: Central gathers all the data stored across an MIS in one place, making sure schools don’t miss a single trend or data point. 
  • Pre-built dashboards: Use Central according to your individual reporting requirements, with dashboards for a variety of purposes that translate your data into intuitive visualisations, including helping to identify student performance and staff resources. 
  • Different focus levels: Analyse and understand schools from multiple levels, with dashboards for leadership, right down to detailed student analysis. 
  • Visualisations: Turn your data stores into user-friendly graphics for all roles within the school. Democratise your school’s data story, rather than restricting access within a daunting database. 
  • Seamless MIS integration: Central integrates with both the iSAMS MIS and any other chosen MIS, ensuring all of your important school data can be transformed into actionable insights – no matter what system your school utilises. 
  • One and many MIS’: Whether you oversee a single school, or a group of schools, Central offers keen insight and analysis into overall performance to drive improved outcomes.  


Top benefits for iSAMS schools:

  • Admissions: iSAMS’ range of inbuilt Admissions reports puts instant admissions statistics at your fingertips. Simply enter the date range you’re looking for at the top of one of the reports, and watch the visualisations instantly update to give you a comprehensive overview of your enquiries. Pick any statistic and drill down into the students behind the data. 
  • Student Statistics: The Current Students reports allow you to view all of your key student statistics quickly and easily. Analyse key student numbers and attributes, and drill down by school or student to see a wealth of information behind the headlines. Drive better performance and improve outcomes for students. 
  • Attendance: Track attendance across your school with a wide range of inbuilt attendance reports. The front page of reports allows you to spot key trends and, as you’d expect from iSAMS, you can delve further into individual reports to find out exactly what is impacting those numbers. 
  • Behaviour and Wellbeing: The inbuilt behaviour and wellbeing reports enable you to keep your finger on the pulse of your student body by providing instant information on Wellbeing Concerns, Rewards & Conduct, Detentions, and more. Track house points, specific entries, or compare positive and negative rewards throughout the week. 
  • SEN Reporting: The SEN Report provides an overview of SEN numbers, wellbeing, and behaviour statistics, including detentions, exclusions, and rewards. Drill down into the numbers and find out more about the individuals behind the data.  

If you’d like to discuss iSAMS Central for your school, please get in touch with your Customer Account Manager or one of the iSAMS team, and we would be happy to answer any questions about the latest addition to our suite of solutions. 

You can also learn more about the iSAMS Central platform here.

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