Press | 29 Jun 2018

iSAMS Launches All-Improved MIS User Interface

We’re excited to announce the first phase launch of the all-improved user interface (UI), which sees the dashboard completely redesigned from the ground up.

Still 100% web-based, the new UI features a modern interface with improved navigation offering you easier access to the most important information. We hope you’ll agree that it’s even more intuitive than before.

Custom Branded Interface

We now offer schools the ability to customise the system by adding your school logo and custom colour. You are also able to brand the log-in screen, adding your own preferred background image and logo to suit your school’s branding.

Enhanced Login

The login screen now features SSO (single sign-on) to benefit from a seamless experience across multiple domains. Users will be able to access multiple iSAMS applications with one set of login credentials, helping to simplify the login process.

Schools will also have the option, if they enable this setup, to allow users to login with multiple login providers such as social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. Each school will be able to setup a maximum number of external providers.

Improved Navigation

One of the major updates is the improved navigation experience. Using the toggle to view all modules available, you can now add your most used modules to your favourites list – giving you quicker and easier access to the modules relevant to your role.

Finding modules is also easier with the option to filter by category or by your favourites. This allows you to easily find and view all modules in a single view. Categories are listed in alphabetical order, and you can drop and drag your favourites, allowing you to determine hierarchy.

Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard has also had a considerable upgrade. Its interactive feel is designed to help with organising and viewing the most important information at a glance.

Improved features include:

  • Quick navigation to your module/s of interest by using the filters
  • All new favourites bar allowing you to highlight and access your most used modules
  • Updated dashboard elements offering a quick glance at your most important information and enhanced access to updates
  • Updated task bar allowing quick and easy movement between open modules
  • Additional menu items to easily print, export and download
  • Updated user bar providing access to your iSAMS status, product updates and live chat with our Service Desk
  • SSO bar for quick access to third-party integrations

Quicker Access to Messages

The messaging bar now allows for quicker viewing of important information with notifications on new messages and alerts.

Dynamic Wizard Bar

The updated wizard bar allows for faster access to your most used features.

Connected Community

Instant access to live chat, support, product updates and more.

Any Questions?

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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