As part of iSAMS ongoing efforts to ensure their iTeacher, iStudent and iParent Apps are the best they can be, the company has completed a review of all push notifications generated by iSAMS modules. Following this, iSAMS made a number of changes to existing notifications and added additional notifications from several modules, greatly enhancing the end-user experience.

App push notifications are an excellent way for schools to communicate to their wider community by providing quick updates to students and parents, keeping parents in the know about their student’s school career and helping to guide staff through the publication stages of a news or bulletin post.

The upshot of these new iSAMS push notifications is greater control over how schools communicate throughout their community, by tailoring notifications to students, parents and teachers.

A useful example concerns publishing from the iSAMS Daily Bulletin module. By making use of the ‘Division & Years’ group filters, schools can now define the audience and send out a push notification to everyone within the filter range. This is particularly useful for directing year groups to assemblies or exams or perhaps sending out a reminder about an upcoming trip.

When creating a news item via the iTeacher App, teachers and other admin staff can now receive push notifications about the authorisation status of an article and follow it through to publication, at which point students and parents will receive their own push notification via the iStudent and iParent Apps informing them of the post.

The iSAMS Registration Manager module can now be set to send out push notifications to the iStudent and iParent Apps based on the registration status set, including present, absent, late, leaving early and so on.

For a full list of push notifications now available for schools to use, please visit our iCommunity site, if you would like to learn more about the iSAMS Apps you can watch a short demo here.