Established in 1963, Dubai English Speaking School and College is a British curriculum school located in Dubai, catering for students aged 3-18 years.

DESSC is the oldest UK curriculum school in Dubai and is supported by core values that revolve around decency, mutual respect, kindness, empathy, and inclusivity.

Established in 1963
Over 2700 students
British Curriculum
Aged 3-18 years

What do you like most about iSAMS?

There are so many things that I like about iSAMS. It is cloud-based for starters, so I can pick up work when I leave the school, etc. It’s very intuitive and it’s very easy to understand. 

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We spoke to Wendy Booth, iSAMS Coordinator at DESSC, to find out about their experiences using their iSAMS systems. 

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“I always recommend iSAMS. I think it’s a great management information system for schools. It’s got so much flexibility. It’s easy to use. We’ve got the support more or less round the clock from your different sites and documentation’s always there to help.”

Wendy Booth, iSAMS Coordinator at DESSC

Which iSAMS modules does your school use most often?

We use quite a range of the different modules for different purposes. Pupil manager is the one that I would say most of the admin staff are using. 

For me, I like the communications side of iSAMS. We’re able to use the email wizard effectively and we’ve got nearly 3000 students between the two campuses, so if we quickly have to get an email out, it’s a really effective tool to do that. 

Does your school integrate with any other third-party systems?

We actually use the integration tool a lot and we’ve run about 20 batch keys for different things… All of those tools are taking the data from iSAMS – which saves a huge amount of time. We know that we have clean data in iSAMS so sharing it with other platforms just makes it easier for everybody. 

There’s not an area of iSAMS that I would say could be better, to be perfectly honest. I have a lot of dealings with the support team because we tend to collate any issues and then I would send them on. They’re very helpful, very professional, and very knowledgeable.

Tell us a bit about your experience with iFinance.

We looked at iFinance for some time before we went ahead. It went live in September 2019. The feedback that I received was very positive. They love the fact that it’s cloud based and that they can access it from anywhere. 

The help and support that they get from the iSAMS staff is phenomenal, so they are very very happy with the switchover and talk very highly of it. 

“Admissions is such a slick way of being able to get the new applications in without too much manpower. I think that is a really valuable tool.”

Wendy Booth, iSAMS Coordinator at DESSC