We're offering our schools a variety of products and services free of charge to help keep your school running as normally as possible during these difficult times

We are delighted to be able to offer our schools the use of a variety of features if you don’t use them already to help you communicate with parents, students and staff members, and continue student learning.

The following is available free of charge from 26th March to 1st September 2020.

Multilingual Mobile Apps
SMS Messaging Service
Admissions Portal
Parent and Student Portals
API Integrations

Multilingual Mobile Apps

Our multilingual mobile apps, compatible on both iOS and Android devices, were designed to increase the ease of access to school information on the move for every member of your school community. To help students, parents and teachers keep on top of important insights and share key communications using just their mobiles or tablets, we are delighted to be able to offer our Apps free of charge during school closures if you don’t use them already.

Find out more about each app by clicking on the links below:

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SMS Messaging Service

As COVID-19 continues to impact the school community, it’s imperative that you are able to regularly communicate with your students and their parents. Our SMS Gateway ensures you can do just that, with the option to send text messages remotely using the iSAMS Desktop from any location in the world. Plus, you can view a clear history of what communications have been sent and when, and track any which failed to send. You can find out more about using SMS messaging to boost communications at your school here.

To help you keep communicating throughout school closures, we are offering our schools who don’t currently use the SMS Gateway this PAYG (Pay As You Go) functionality without the annual service fee. This means our schools will only be charged for any messages that are sent.

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Admissions Portal

Despite school closures, you still need to keep in touch with prospective parents and attract more students to your school to ensure its ongoing success in future academic years. To support you with this, we are offering full use of our Admissions Portal for free during school closures if you don’t already have access to it. This customisable form sits on your school’s own website so prospective parents can fill in their key details, upload supporting documentation and pay any relevant registration fees, with this information being directly transported into your iSAMS system in real-time.

Through this handy platform, your Admissions team can manage all applications whilst working remotely at home, so you can make sure student enrolment continues to progress through any school closure.

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Parent and Student Portals

We developed our Parent and Student Portals so schools can more easily share key information with parents and students, including daily news bulletins, school directory, curriculum information, school reports and more. To help ensure students and their parents are reassured and stay connected to school life during these closures, we are offering the use of our Parent and Student Portals free of charge during school closures if you don’t use them already.

Providing students with direct access to your key information helps empower them to take charge of their education despite any school closures. Similarly, our Parent Portal acts as a doorway into school life for parents, ensuring they are never out of the loop.

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API Integrations

To help ensure schools have access to a variety of bespoke, best-of-breed EdTech platforms, iSAMS offer each of their schools access to an ever-growing catalogue of iSAMS-approved third party products. This includes a range of exciting tools, from Virtual Learning Environments and Learning Management Systems to platforms that support you in running extra-curricular activities.

By offering these integrations with the iSAMS MIS free of charge during school closures, iSAMS hope to help schools run even more coherently in the digital sphere.

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Looking to migrate to a cloud-based finance system?

As the situation progresses, some countries have or will be initiating full lockdowns, which require all staff to work from home. Understandably, this is going to be a concern for Finance teams who still want access to their finances, including the ability to raise invoices, create purchase orders, complete budgeting exercises, and manage payrolls, fees and disbursements, but currently rely on a client-based system housed within school.

iFinance: The Cloud-Based Fee Billing & Accounting Solution

We are available to help by discussing options for moving to our integrated fee billing and accounting solution. Being 100% cloud-based, iFinance enables all bursarial staff to continue working remotely as if they were in school.

As the nature of the software would involve migrating you to a new accounting system, unfortunately, we are unable to offer this product free of charge. However, we encourage schools to get in touch if you do feel that iFinance is something that can support your school through this challenging time and in years to come.

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