SMS Gateway is an efficient way to manage SMS communications with your entire school community, including students, parents, teachers and other important contacts.

It’s easy to set up and helps you send, authorise and record all your SMS activity. Defined user access controls, quoting features and budget settings ensure that you remain within your approved SMS communications budget. Enhanced functionality such as unlimited sender identities, reusable SMS templates, cost profiles and advanced logging means you can tailor and track each message you send.

Key Features

Current status

A snapshot of your SMS activity, including graphs detailing inbound and outbound messages by day, cost breakdown by date, credit availability, and provider, user and module usage.

View batches

Each message is sent as part of a batch and can be viewed easily. Authorised users can see a breakdown of the batch status (posted, errored or sent) and the delivery status (failed, delivered or received).

Authorisation queue

Any messages that require authorisation before being sent are listed here. You can authorise messages by batch or by individual message. Authorisation can be granted via email for ease and speed.

Security groups

Authorise certain tasks by user or according to the security groups already set up in iSAMS. The feature covers actions such as setting outbound/inbound messages, sender identities, authorisation requirements and more.

Costs & totals

View all cost breakdowns by month, user and module, including the counts for posted, errored and sent messages. Sent counts are also broken down by failed, delivered and received.

Cost profiles

Cost profiles give you control over message sending. These can be set by user or group, and limits can be set by day, week, term or year. Alerts can be sent when the available balance drops below a set value.


View detailed information about the logging (outbound, inbound, callbacks, module) of each message, including author, gateway, sender identity, recipient, body, credit, cost, status and more.

Message composing

Create message templates and manage batch allocations. You can also choose whether a message will be sent as Unicode.

Emergency broadcast

Send predefined emergency messages to all staff, students, parents and custom groups. Use the main application within iSAMS or send via the iTeacher App.

Credit records

Where a credit pack has been purchased, a detailed breakdown of all transactions is stored and can be viewed here.

Sender identities

Create unlimited numbers of unique sender identities (eg SENIOR SCH, JUNIOR SCH) and attach permissions as required.

Debug tools

Quickly debug outbound and inbound problems. Test each section of the gateway.