Press | 25 Mar 2021

iSAMS launches new module Gradebooks

iSAMS has launched a brand new module Gradebooks. Gradebooks was designed from the ground up, using feedback and suggestions from the iSAMS community, to provide teachers with a more efficient method of recording marks, grades and test results, monitoring student progress, sharing information with parents and students and feeding this information into the reports cycle.

Following a controlled beta testing programme, which involved a cross-section of iSAMS’ existing schools from around the world, Gradebooks offers significantly enhanced functionality over its predecessor – Markbooks. The opportunity to test the module’s functionality in a number of live environments has helped to shape its development.

Using the Gradebooks module, teachers can store all class test information in a clear, concise spreadsheet – assigned by an individual teacher, by subject or department head.

Gradebooks offers the following features:

Greater Module Flexibility

In addition to improvements in data management, there are also options within the module that allow for greater flexibility when it comes to recording marks across a school. This includes a range of student characteristics that can be selected to include in each Gradebook and options to reorder, add weighting to, hide or create column groupings. It is possible to limit data entry to assessments by date, to help accurately track and retrieve grades moving forwards.

Enhanced Permissions

Further layers of activity permissions have been added to enhance data security, as well as options to lock certain gradebooks and student allocations within them to prevent any updates from taking place.

To further ensure that the information collated within the module is accurate for onwards use, there are also new features that thoroughly audit all data entries within the gradebook structure.

More Customisation Options

To ensure Gradebooks is as easy-to-use as possible for schools, enhanced customisation options have been added to the module. These will enable administrators to edit the terminology used throughout the module and employ bespoke colour highlighting and text styling options. In this way, schools are able to customise each gradebook, ensuring it’s as intuitive for staff members as possible.

Improved Data Sharing

There may be instances when staff need to share details between gradebooks and there are features available within this new module to make this process even more efficient. This includes options to copy whole gradebooks and share or copy columns within or across gradebooks, so staff can input data quickly and easily.

Once marks are entered into a gradebook, staff may also be required to share them with relevant members of the school community. With the facility to add comments against students’ marks and publish columns directly to our Portals, the Gradebooks module makes important data even more accessible to those who need it.

If you would like to learn more about the Gradebooks module click here or to see a demo of this module please get in touch.

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