Some thoughts from our UK schools

“We looked at all of the leading school Management Information Systems. iSAMS was the only product that came close to meeting our requirement.”

Andy Reid – IT Manager – St Paul’s School


“We have been very pleased with our switch to iSAMS. Teachers and Support Staff alike have found it easy to use and as a result, there has been a very limited need for training. We have also found far more members of staff wanting to use our MIS and gaining benefit from doing so. As Database Manager, I am particularly impressed by the quality of the technical support. Queries and problems are dealt with promptly and the opportunity to deal directly with a friendly and helpful developer is very reassuring.”

Mike Halpin – Database Manager – Wellington College


“iSAMS has been a huge hit with our teaching and support staff. It provides instant access to key information and has totally revolutionised our approach to many pastoral and academic matters.”

Simon Fisher – Director of IT – Wycliffe College


“iSAMS is an important tool to help us achieve many of the goals of our whole school development programme. It has facilitated email communication with students and with parents, provided a straight-forward system for report-writing that is popular with staff and it has enabled us to develop a sophisticated academic tracking system. The parent portal gives parents immediate access to pertinent information about the school and about their son’s progress. And we are only just beginning to tap its full potential.”

Ian Phillips – Assistant Head (Director of ICT) – The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School


“iSAMS has had a positive impact across the school, making tasks easier and more efficient, I am constantly being told how great the system is. The system is very flexible and the team at iSAMS is so incredibly helpful and supportive in helping us achieve a system that will meet our individual needs.”

Ann Ralph – Head of ICT – Royal Masonic School for Girls


“iSAMS is a company whose software is expressly designed to unlock the potential of computing which brings advanced management systems to the independent educational sector. iSAMS is flexible, responsive and highly intuitive. Popular with teachers it offers considerable development opportunities to school management teams.”

Stephen Jefferson – Director of ICT – Sherborne Girls


“iSAMS does everything an MIS must do to satisfy the disparate demands of multiple users. An effective MIS gives network and data managers security, scalability and stability with the option to customise for their own schools; senior managers get trends and key data instantly and in a usable format; teachers and secretaries are able to do their jobs quickly and efficiently without being impeded by unhelpful security restrictions or arcane processes. For more than two years, iSAMS has satisfied these demands for us through a robust data solution for our school.

In addition, the external portal modules for parents, pupils and the intranet are key components of our communication processes, allowing dissemination of timely and accurate information, including through bulk, targeted email or SMS to parent or pupil groups. For more than a year we have not printed our weekly newsletter, but make it available through the portals.

Finally, support for and development of iSAMS is fast and responsive. New or upgraded modules are seamlessly rolled out and the help desk is efficient and user-friendly.”

Keith Birch – Second Master – Ibstock Place School


“We went live with iSAMS as our school administration system in September 2007 following more than a year of investigating all of the significant packages that were available. From the first time we saw iSAMS being demonstrated it was clearly in a league of its own. Its familiar browser interface and powerful Wizard toolbar provides curriculum staff with the quick and simple access to the information they need between lessons, and the easy-to-navigate modules provide intuitive access to the full power of the iSAMS system.

The electronic communications with parents and students through iSAMS is very powerful and the ability to selectively publish notices, calendars, timetables, reports etc. directly through the pupil and parent portals has opened up possibilities that we could not have considered previously.

iSAMS continues to meet and exceed our expectations and has provided Benenden School with the solid, reliable and adaptable platform it needs to support the continued delivery of exceptional education to our students.”

Wade Nash – Systems Manager – Benenden School