Leighton Park School is a co-educational Independent School for both day and boarding pupils in Reading in South East England.

 The school’s ethos is closely tied to the Quakers’ values, having been founded as a Quaker School in 1890. The school’s ethos is described as achievement with values, character, and community.

Co-educational Independent School
530 students
A-level or IB pathways
Both day and boarding students

Looking for a modern system that offered flexibility…

Leighton Park welcomed a new headteacher who had previous experience with iSAMS and its capabilities and very much opened our eyes to a more modern way of working. Principally, iSAMS offered the best modularity both internally and externally with approved partners via API connections.

The installs team were superb, and the training offered by the iSAMS trainers really allowed us to get a head start on the core staff training. This ensured that when we were ready to go live, we avoided many of the first-day hiccups common to new software!

Jordan Kraus-Harvey, Data Systems Manager

Using iSAMS as a golden pillar to build a best-in-breed system

Implementing iSAMS has allowed Leighton Park to advance into a very modern software ecosystem, where we have multiple specialist providers adding functionality to our core package. This allows us to use the MIS as a ‘golden pillar’ and a very firm central point of reference for almost all school activities.

The Report Wizard is my most frequently used feature. It allows me to interrogate student and staff data and create exports and lists for use in wider working life. The ability to cherry-pick fields from different modules allows me a degree of flexibility that is very useful.

Jordan Kraus-Harvey, Data Systems Manager

The best thing about iSAMS...

“My favourite module is Student Registers, that has allowed me to create a series of very dynamic custom registers for use around the school. This means that we can consolidate core information such as our SEN Register, EAL Register, Gifted and Talented, School Transport and more!” Jordan Kraus-Harvey, Data Systems Manager 

“The API connections have allowed for the development of a very modern and complex ecosystem of teaching and learning tools, all of which have access to student data in real-time. This is giving our teachers a huge advantage in the classroom.” Jordan Kraus-Harvey, Data Systems Manager 

Our Customer Account Manager is simply fantastic, very responsive, and deeply interested in how the school is developing.

Jordan Kraus-Harvey, Data Systems Manager

How is the iSAMS support?

Our Customer Account Manager is simply fantastic, very responsive, and deeply interested in how the school is developing. Through this close partnership, we have managed to make full advantage of all of the modules within our subscription, and we are always up to date on upcoming features and webinars.

The support engineers are also fantastic, responding promptly and always providing a fast resolution. If something requires more time or re-development, they are transparent about this and will ensure that you are put in contact with the correct professional.

All in all…

Leighton Park has undergone a digital transformation, providing a real-time information repository that can be used for cutting-edge teaching and learning applications. Our close relationship with our Customer Account manager and the iSAMS community means that we are always in touch with our peers, EdTech providers and other innovators.