Founded in 1865, Malvern College is a day and boarding school based in Worcestershire, England, catering to pupils ages 13-18 years.

Malvern College prides itself on its commitment to developing outstanding young people, welcoming over 600 students to its expansive grounds each year.

Established in 1865
Over 600 students
British Curriculum
Ages 13-18 years

Integrating the Student Registers module

Malvern College first went live with iSAMS in 2017 and in 2021 they were experimenting with a new boarding model and established that the iSAMS Student Registers module would be useful for organising boarding school way of life. 

We jumped into using Student Registers immediately for visas and settled status, and we’re also looking at some flags for vulnerable pupils. We’ve also begun to use the scholarships register and that’s good because there’s a review section in there. 

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Hear David Angus, MIS Manager at Malvern College, talk us through their experience with Student Registers in iSAMS.

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“I think Student Registers builds on one of the strongest features of iSAMS which is that teachers can get what they need themselves.”

David Angus, MIS Manager at Malvern College

How do your staff feel about the new module in your iSAMS system?

I can remember from previous experiences of other MIS systems, being badgered constantly to find data. It’s far more rare these days for a teacher to come to you and say, ‘how do I get this?’ and having processes in place in much the same way across the iSAMS system means that they remember how to do things, or they can work them out themselves really easily. 

Who will benefit from the addition of the Student Registers module?

Student Registers will have the most positive impact on the pupils. We can make administrative tasks easier for teachers and the more visibility they have on pupil data, the more time they have for their real role and that’s the bottom line, we’re here for the kids. 

I quickly got the hang of how Student Registers works. It really does become very easy to set things up. There’s a real flexibility in the system.

David Angus, MIS Manager at Malvern College

How do you think that your school will use those integrations between other modules and Student Registers?

The first things that were said to me about Scholarships by the teacher running that section were, ‘can we see flags for the scholars, in registers and search lists, to see the different types of scholar’, ‘can we search by these different groups’, ‘can we extract the data’ and ‘can we isolate scholars in our tracking data’. Of course, all those boxes are ticked. 

A big plus side is being able to test everything before you send it live to other people – it’s really easy. It really works. It’s great.”

David Angus, MIS Manager at Malvern College