Saving you time, minimising disruption

iSAMS can be hosted within your current network infrastructure (known as ‘locally hosted’) or we can host your version of iSAMS within our dedicated data centre – this is known as ‘externally hosted’. More and more schools are looking at external hosting, as this puts the responsibility of the service onto the provider. It also reduces the additional overhead on existing in-house resources and existing hardware. The downside to an external hosting solution is that you rely solely on your internet connection for access to the software and service.

Locally hosted systems require a web server and a database server. In most cases, iSAMS can utilise existing hardware for the install of iSAMS. Once we have access to the servers externally, the install team allocated to your school will install iSAMS remotely. We install all the required software and components, and will set up the external and internal access on your school’s behalf. The iSAMS install team will set up maintenance plans and provide best practice for system backups etc, as well as configure the system to receive updates via the iSAMS Update System (IUS). Once the servers are set-up and configured, the install team will then move the install process on to the next stage, which is the data transfer.

The installation process will take an iSAMS install team 3 hours from the point of remote access to a complete install.