An easily accessible and intuitive solution to help groups of schools measure their performance individually and as a whole. Choose from a range of prebuilt reports and dashboards or create your own.  

Powerful analytics and BI technology
Improve student outcomes
Hand time back to staff
Enable immediate decision making
Grow your school group

Powerful reporting for group leaders 

Central uses Microsoft Power BI and APIs to pull data from your groups’ various MIS instances into a central reporting platform.  

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Providing you with a group-wide view of data across all your schools available in real-time,  iSAMS Central empowers you to make meaningful, data-driven decisions, quickly and easily.  

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, manually copying data and paying for expensive analysis – iSAMS Central will change the way your school group uses data.   

Dashboards present information that is easy for senior leaders to digest, helping you to understand the story your data is telling you.  

Track trends over time and drill down at a school or pupil record level to understand why a year group is thriving or a pupil is struggling. 

Key Features

A complete picture

Consolidate data across all schools in your group. 


Hosted in Azure for maximum security and accessible anytime, anywhere. 

Multiple dashboards

Monitor attendance, assessment, rewards, wellbeing, student and staff information and more in a user-friendly format, available at the click of a button.

Drill for detail

Understand why things are happening by drilling down into school or pupil records and quickly make interventions. 

Role-based reporting

Control who can access which reports, including how far down they can drill – particularly helpful if you’ll be sharing with governors. 

Add schools quickly

As you grow it is quick and easy to add new schools and partners.